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  • Hello, first off chapeu I really enjoy working with your plugin.

    Yet I ran into a slight problem so to say, I am using your plugin to create a workflow documentation in my company. For that purpose I need to put links in certain places inside of my flowchart. This is working with every “Text” I use and most of the images. However some of the images I want to put a link on (-> right click -> Edit Link) seem to just not accept it. I opened the .svg file in Inkscape and from my understanding every image not being “linkable” is a bitmap/raster image (a pixel image so to say (?)). Is this a thing? Can you fix that or is there anything I can do?

    One of the images I have a problem with is the 34th search result when filtering for “folder” if that helps (sorry I do not know how to tell you any other way).

    PS. I did allow every SVG setting in the plugin’s options.

    Kind regards

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  • Plugin Author assortedchips


    I certainly believe that this could be a real problem with the backend, as the support for image links has always been hit-or-miss. I highly recommend searching and/or posting what you’ve found here:!forum/drawio

    I’m browsing in there a bit right now regarding the problem you described. If you find an answer, please post it back here so others can benefit too!

    I think I figured out what the exact problem is. When you save the .svg-file it adds a pointer property inside of the A-tag which is set to none pointer-events=”none”. Whilst the working images do not have this property inside the A-tag at all. When you edit the .svg-file and remove the pointer-events property or set it to “all” it will work when opened in a browser. However if you upload the updated file to WordPress the “pointer-events=”none”” will reappear and the image is not clickable once again, even though the link is visible when looking at the sides code.

    Any idea on how to fix this issue?

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