• I really do enjoy this plug-in and have been using it for years. I loved it so much, I even forked over money for the lifetime pro license. Sure, the gallery looks good, but it does not meet WCAG A.

    I can’t get the play/pause button to work with a keyboard-only access scenario. You have to have a mouse to hit that button for playing/pausing. If it is was not for that item, at least one of the image gallery styles would meet WCAG A. (WCAG A is like passing your test with a C grade.)

    It is disappointing with all the robust and amazing things this plug-in can do, the keyboard access is not there. I reported this issue maybe 2or 3 years ago and they had no plans to fix it. Websites are now liable for not meeting WCAG as they would be for not having a wheelchair ramp to enter their building. So, I am now scrubbing out the galleries from pages with a boring static image. Even without the legal liability of accommodating people with disabilities, I mean, I don’t want to be a jerk to someone who physically can’t move a mouse.

    Hopefully this can change in the future. I’d love to try it again.

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