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    I am sorry for my multi posting with Stack overflow, I found this forum that was after that.

    Can’t use Double quotation in Custom HTML form. How come?
    Try put Double quotation in Custom HTML, and Save, All other forms are delete! Empty, that makes me shock.
    But I found one way, Double quotation With Back slash is OK, like this.


    But I have to do this for all Custom HTML forms rewrite at every update? It is hard for me…
    Is any correct way or have to wait to Plugin update?

    And is it impossible to use HTML tag in “HELP TEXT”?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello @gyaku

    • Can you please share the HTML code you wrote on the Custom HTML Field? It’ll help us to find the problem if we can try with exactly the same code you used.
    • No, automatic updates should not remove the codes you have on the form in the HTML field.
    • No, ‘Help Texts’ support plain text only.


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    Thanks your reply @thebengalboy !

    I put like this in Custom HTML form.

    <h3 class="title">Please input information</h3>

    and tried like this too. One Double quotation only.


    And push the Save Forms button,
    both results are deleted all set forms.To be empty.

    Sorry for my bad english,
    My “update” that meaning is Editing forms and save again.
    Now I am putting “Back slash” before all double quotations, every save forms again.

    About “HELP TEXT” I understand!

    Hello @gyaku

    Tested two different sites but seems okay so far. I used exactly the same HTML you shared.

    I’m not sure but this can be a conflict with any other theme or plugin or something else. Have you tried temporarily deactivating all the other plugins and switching to a default WP theme?


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    Thanks replying.

    I tried at two site and different servers, but result is same…
    the one of site is really complicated plugins, so I also thought that is cause, then I make very plain WP site and put your plugin, and tried Doble quotation test.

    I thought may be that cause is I am japanese? I mean, Multi byte has sometimes problem.
    But I put only just Double quotation, should be not Multi byte problem…

    Every time delete all forms, No more see this sentence^^
    [Add fields by dragging the fields from the right sidebar to this area.]

    You havent seen like this problem before?

    Not really. Check out this GIF. It’s working fine so far.

    If your site is in Japanese, try once in English- if it helps to sort out the issue anyway.

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    Thank you a lot

    Yeah, your site is working well, it exactly doing same with me, but why my site can not work well? I changed language to english, but not good.
    what is different you and me…. I am using database encode is utf8mb4, is it problem and popular for you?

    By the way I forgot to put my site spec.

    WPUF Version 3.1.16
    SQL utf8mb4_general_ci
    PHP 7.0.33-0ubuntu0.16.04.9 and 7.3
    Tried language setting, Japanese, English
    Brawser Google chrome.

    if you need more information, I ll post too.

    Hello @gyaku

    Everything you shared seems okay but I’m not sure why you are facing this unexpected problem! Can you please share the error log? and error on the console?

    You can also contact us directly so that we can help you to debug the issue.


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    I tried it on new environment that is very plain, WordPress with user frontend plugin only. And this time using database encode is utf8-general-ci, not mb4.
    But still same problem.

    I checked DB.
    When I saved 3 forms, Post Title form, Post Content form, Post Excerpt form, OK.
    I could see 3 records in DB, table of wp_post.
    And try Custom HTML form with Double quotation, deleted like always.
    In wp_posts table, 3 records are deleted. Just Parent post(Forms base post) is remained…
    Next, I thought the function of “wp_delete_post” is relating this problem. I do comment out for all “wp_delete_post”. But still occue same problem..

    I keep to try another test, if you come up with any idea, please tell me that.

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    Thanks @thebengalboy

    How can I get error log or console log about this problem?
    On Brawser developer tool console does not say anything.
    WP debug mode also does not say any Error.

    Where can I directly contact to you?
    Sorry I do not know anything.

    Hello @gyaku

    There should have an error on the debug log. However, you can contact us directly here for further investigations.


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    I found the cause point.

    File: admin/form-builder/class-wpuf-admin-form-builder-ajax.php

    class WPUF_Admin_Form_Builder_Ajax->save_form

    Line approx 60:

    $form_fields = wp_unslash( $form_fields );

    wp_unslash exactly delete “Back slash”.

    I tried to get value of $form_fields in program.

    – Before wp_unslash, $form_fields is

    {“input_type”:”html”,”template”:”custom_html”,”label”:”Custom HTML”,”html”:”\””,”id”:5206514822,”is_new”:true,”wpuf_cond”:null,”name”:”custom_html”}

    – After wp_unslash, $form_fields is

    {“input_type”:”html”,”template”:”custom_html”,”label”:”Custom HTML”,”html”:“””,”id”:9811451168,”is_new”:true,”wpuf_cond”:null,”name”:”custom_html”}

    This part “\”” is changed to “””, then the Json code is broke up.
    I tried to comment out the line 60, I can save Double quotation.

    Must you need wp_unslash? Do you have another function or way for this?
    However, why you can save, I can not save?
    The function run in your site too, Why wp_unslash is working in my site, is it?

    * I send you directly contact from your form, but I do not get reply yet, must be busy, so I try post here.

    Hello @gyaku

    Would it be possible to wait for one or two more days? We’ll release a new version soon with the improvement of the HTML field. That might help 🙂


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    Thanks heaps @thebengalboy !
    I can wait for our release! Thank you so much!
    I hope below helping for new release too.

    #1 Dead Link?
    Line: 17
    <img class="img-responsive inline-block image-gif shadow" src="esc_url(https://wedevs-com-wedevs.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/weforms-final-promo-video.gif )" >
    #2 Exoprt
    In my environment, I can not use Export Tool.
    1. Go to “Tools”
    2. Go to “Export”
    3. select “Select individual” and chose some form.
    4.Push the “Export” button
    5.Error appear like this.

    Please select some form for exporting

    May be, this problem is also from wp_unslash function.

    I am looking foward to get new version!!

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    I got new version 3.1.17, that is good one!
    I could save Double quotation and Export data. No problem.
    Anyway, I am very happy to start again to building web site.

    Thank you so much @thebengalboy !


    You are most welcome @gyaku and we are happy that you got the problem resolved 🙂

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