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  • I can upload images and mp3s. I tried to upload a 185MB video and it appears to go through nearly all of the upload process before it gives the error “Failed to write file to disk.”

    So I don’t think it’s an error related to file permissions. Ideas?

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  • Contact your hosting provider and see what the upload_max_filesize and post_max_size are set to in the php configuration. Also, generally speaking, memory_limit should be larger than post_max_size. To upload large files, the value for post_max_size should be larger than upload_max_filesize.


    Sorry, I didn’t see you were also talking about the memory limit. I don’t know where that is.

    The memory doesn’t matter in this case — it’s just a good rule of thumb. I have had this error before when my tmp folder was full. Do you know where your “upload_tmp_dir” is? If you don’t have one set personally then it’s likely the your host’s is full.


    ah, ok. This is a VPS, if that matters. I don’t see anything in the /tmp folder and nothing is defined in php.ini.

    I was able to upload the file manually, but WP refused to put it into the embed, even when I made sure the permissions and ownership were right. So something strange there, I think.

    From what I have went through, this error occurs because of a full partition in the VPS and also if the temporary folder is full. In some cases this can happen due to lack permissions but you said they are fine.

    Are you by chance hitting your VPS disk quota?

    No, I’m only at 40% usage according to df. Like I said, I was able to upload it manually, just not via WordPress

    Hmm, video embed is not working with another video that I uploaded before (smaller size). I’m going to start another threat to figure that out. Since I already manually uploaded the video that I started this thread for, I want to see why that’s not working. Youtube embeds are working, though.

    Still having issues with embedded videos not working – including a video that has worked before on another page.

    OK, here’s the latest:

    The page

    Should have two audio files and a video file. I am able to sometimes get one or the other to appear, but not both or in any consistent manner. Here’s what the code looks like:

    This should be audio file 1:
    [audio mp3=""][/audio]
    this should be video file 1:
    [video width="1280" height="720" webm=""][/video]
    this should be audio file 2:
    [audio mp3=""][/audio]

    OK! So for problem #2 of this post – – I figured out the problem – Matt Mullenweg’s Search Hilite Plugin. Deactivated that and it worked.

    Still haven’t solved the original problem of being able to upload a large video file from within WordPress.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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