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    I have been trying to get my theme into the WordPress theme repository. After making the latest round of changes, I tried to upload it but I can’t. I get the following error message:

    Only zip files are supported. We’ve had reports that Chrome will sometimes report zip files as generic binary files (which we don’t allow). Try uploading your zip file with Safari or Opera or the latest versions of Firefox.

    I AM uploading a zip file with the latest version of Firefox. I am using Linux so the theme was zipped using the Ark program. I also tried it after zipping it up using command line zip. No luck so far.

    Can anyone help me out here?


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  • The theme file is here if anyone needs to look at it:



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    That zip file seems fine to me but FWIW I re-zipped it (just in case) and uploaded it

    I’ve had absolutely no problems submitting theme zip files from my system.

    I tried uploading your file but it won’t work. So I guess the problem is not with the file but with my browser. I suppose I could try IE in a VM or maybe install chrome.

    Well I finally got it to upload using IE 6 in an XP VM. Imagine that!



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    What version of Firefox were you using previously? And what flavour of Linux?

    Well I tried uploading with version 16 of Firefox under OpenSUSE 12.1 Linux and also version 3.05 under a Win XP virtual machine. Neither version of Firefox worked. I only got it to upload using IE 6!



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    I can upload without any problems using Firefox 16 under Win 7. I’ve also successfully used earlier versions of FF under WinXP. I wonder if something like Konqueror would work for Suse?

    I’ll ping the theme review team about this to see if they want to take it any further.

    Well I too could upload using Firefox in the past. It’s just my latest attempt that was failing. So it must be some change they made to their upload script recently.

    We haven’t made any changes to the upload script recently. Not for months.

    What that check is doing is to check the reported MIME type of the uploaded file. It has to be one of the following:


    If the browser isn’t reporting the proper mime type to the uploader, then you’ll get the message that you got. Might check on your browser’s MIME type settings for ZIP files.

    These are my mime type settings from FF 16:

    They look fine to me. I suppose it could be my ISP. But I’ve had no problem uploading zip files to my WP blogs.

    Try removing the ZIP->binary/octet-stream type mapping. Doing this may not be perfectly straightforward. Think you have to edit a file.

    There’s a known (and old) issue with Firefox in how it saves the mime types for downloads and then sometimes re-uses them for uploads.

    Also note that the problem isn’t in the file itself, nor in uploading it. It’s just your browser telling us the wrong file type. We explicitly reject it based on that incorrect type. An upload of the file to your own blog wouldn’t have the same problem, because your blog isn’t doing anything with the file other than storing it, basically. It doesn’t care about the type.

    The theme uploader, on the other hand, does care about the type, because it has to unzip the file and examine the contents and scan the theme and a whole host of other things. So it wants all the ducks in a row, basically, and checking to make sure it’s the correct type is just the first step in a long series of operations it has to do.

    Using a different browser generally solves the problem.

    Ok I made the change. How do I test it? I already uploaded the new version of my theme using IE 6. Do I upload the same file again? Will that be detected as a duplicate upload or will it create an unnecessary additional ticket in trac?



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    It will create a new Trac ticket. So – unless Otto has an alternative suggestion – leave it until you need to upload an updated version of the theme.

    I have had the exact same problem. I could not upload my theme. I tried with Chrome and Firefox (both updated versions).

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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