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  • Can’t seem to upload plugins.

    Upload feature just brings me to a screen that says are you sure? Then it kicks me back to WP but nothing is installed.

    Tried Filezilla and still nothing.

    I have bought 2 plugins and can’t get either to work.


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  • I have bought 2 plugins and can’t get either to work.

    Are you able to download and install a plugin directly from the WordPress Plugin Directory using the dashboard, or is the issue limited to the purchased plugins?

    Have a read through this first, just to make sure something simple isn’t tripping you up.

    Managing Plugins

    At the very least, there should be nothing preventing you from actually uploading plugins using your FTP client.

    The method for commercial plugins is usually the same, but if there happens to be something odd with their packaging (compression format, nesting of directories, etc…) you will need to consult the documentation and installation instructions available from the point of purchase.

    If none of that helps, you may see if there is anything similar to your issue in any of these discussions: “Are you sure you want to do this”

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