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  • I see a lot of posts here about problems either uploading images to the gallery or people being unable to insert existing pics into posts. I am having the former problem.

    I am starting this thread so people who cannot UPLOAD pics could post their issues or their fixes. Whenever I try to upload, I can choose my image from my HD, but when I actually click to upload, the pop-up box just freezes on 0% and nothing ever uploads. I am using Linux and Firefox, but this issue appears to be OS independent and browser independent.

    Is there any way we could have a “sticky” in this forum where the developers could acknowledge they understand the problem exists and are indeed working on it? Also this would allow us to be informed of an update.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    They know the problem exists, however so far all reported cases have been issues with the specific server or installation. Many people who have mod_security have issues with the uploader in general, for example.

    The uploader does indeed work. For those that are having problems, you need to determine why you’re having problems, because it’s most likely a server issue, not necessarily a bug in WordPress.

    Simply posting here that it doesn’t work for you is not enough. This forum is for solving problems with individual installations, not bug reporting. We don’t do bugs, we solve issues. You have to be willing to help fix your own problems. People who simply complain and don’t try to help us help them generally get ignored.

    This always happens after a major upgrade. For a good while, About 75% of the problems posted will be because people didn’t upload all the WordPress files, 10% will be people complaining about the changes, 5% will be actual solvable problems, 5% will be mod_security breaking things, and maybe only 1-2% will actually be caused by a legitimate bug. It’s normal after a release.

    I don’t get why mod_security is making things so difficult. It shouldn’t.
    mod_security is usually a hosting controlled module, a server configuration feature. Software like WordPress should be able to work independly of mod_security. Technically is possible, the NextGEN Gallery plugin has almost the same feature of WP 2.5 Gallery, but it works despite any mod_security setting…
    So any mod_security problem IS a legitimate bug.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    No, not at all. mod_security frequently blocks things that WordPress is trying to do, like POST calls and file uploads and such. Usually, this is because of overly strict rules on somebody’s hosting and so forth. AJAX calls can easily be blocked accidentally by mod_security, which is why I always recommend disabling the damn thing. Other people disagree with me of course, but you know what? I like my software to work as designed without seemingly arbitrary rules intentionally getting in the way.

    This bug is NOT OS-independent, because I’m able to upload via IE easily now that I fixed the comma problem, but Firefox on Ubuntu wont work.

    If I can do it with IE, but not FF/Linux, then it’s not a server or security problem.

    And NextGEN Gallery works for me just fine. Should I be using that?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The uploader is Flash based. Flash has been known to have issues in FF on Linux boxes before. Might check to see that you’re up-to-date on the flash stuffs.

    I do not know (nor care) what NextGEN Gallery is, but WordPress is free software. You’re free not to use it if you don’t like it.

    No reason to get all huffy Otto, we’re just trying to figure out what’s wrong here.

    I’m using NextGEN gallery, and it simply works.

    If they can make things work independly of server settings and OS, there is no reason for the official Gallery being unable, I think.

    So, and of course, IMHO and YMMV, it is a bug.

    And I LOVE WordPress, this is not WordPress bashing.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I’m not getting huffy, I’m getting mildly annoyed.

    Look, here’s the thing. This forum is not for reporting bugs. If you think you have a bug, and have real information on the bug, go over to trac.

    This forum is for attempting to solve problems. Nobody in this thread, or in half a dozen other threads, is giving any useful information or attempting to solve their problems in any way at all.

    If you say it doesn’t work for you, well, that is not helpful. Say why it doesn’t work. Say what it does do. Debug the thing, and give us useful information to work with. We’re willing to help with what knowledge we have.

    Maybe you’re not capable of that? Hey, that’s fine, I understand, but continually saying “fix it fix it fix it” or similar sorts of things in dozens and dozens of threads is not helpful. It clutters up the forum and makes the very limited number of knowledgeable and helpful people on this forum have to hunt that much harder for problems to solve and people to help. Even saying “it works on this browser, not on this other one, you must be wrong, nyahhhhh” is a rather useless post.

    We’re trying to help as many people as we can here, but we’re doing this for free, voluntarily, because we care. And complaints and threads like this one are getting in the way.

    That’s what I really find annoying.

    Yeah, why the attitude, Otto?

    I have changed nothing with my browser, OS, and I am certain my hosting provider has changed nothing either. If this is the case, it is reasonable to assume that there is an issue with this latest WordPress update.

    Just yesterday, before I upgraded to 2.5, I could upload pictures to my heart’s desire through the admin panel. Something has changed, and it is NOT on my end, or on the end of 90% of the people here complaining about it.

    And if we aren’t allowed to ask about bugs here, then what forum is appropriate for that? After all, this is the official WordPress forum.

    Otto, for someone like me, I thought this WAS the place to try and get help and figure out what is wrong. If there is some other place, like “trac”, I had no clue.

    I figured we are trying to solve it by bringing whatever information we can to the table. The problem is that for the last day, I’ve not seen any WordPress tech get on and say “we’re working on it” or anything to ease our minds.

    Now listen, you say this is free, and I get that, but if you are going to release software and support it, then you cannot get mad at people who want it to work right.

    We run a pretty busy blog and not being able to upload images like I did in the previous version is frustrating.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    If this is the case, it is reasonable to assume that there is an issue with this latest WordPress update.

    No, that’s my point, it really is NOT reasonable to assume that.

    WordPress 2.5 is a MASSIVE change. It is virtually wholly new software. The interaction between your server and a piece of entirely new software is not predictable. It gets tested on as many systems as possible, but they cannot predict every single server configuration and setup.

    So yes, it will have problems on some people’s systems. But the majority of the systems out there have no issues with it. What we get in these forums are often the edge cases. Those take time to sort out.

    Also, those edge cases cannot be fixed without USEFUL information with which to find the problems. Nobody can make a code change to magically fix a problem until they know what the problem is.

    You can discuss bugs all you want. Just don’t call it a bug until you are absolutely certain it is, because once you decide that it’s a bug, and once other users read that it’s a bug, then nobody wants to help anybody fix the damn thing. They just say “when will it be fixed” and don’t give any details, don’t offer any debugging information…

    It’s NOT a bug until the actual cause is found.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Otto, for someone like me, I thought this WAS the place to try and get help and figure out what is wrong. If there is some other place, like “trac”, I had no clue.

    It is the place to get help. But “get help” doesn’t mean the same thing as “we magically discern the answer to your problem without any actual information”.

    You’re having problems. I understand that and sympathize. But you’re the one having the problem. The thing works perfectly for me on all the setups I’ve tested it with. So we don’t exactly know the answer to your problem because, and this is important, we do not have your problem. If the problem had ever come up before in testing, it would have been fixed.

    Problems occurring immediately after a major version release are generally the difficult ones. We don’t just need people who have the problem, we also need people who have the problem and know enough about debugging and programming to help us with proper information so as to track the problem down. Then it becomes a known problem and we can hand out answers easily.

    I figured we are trying to solve it by bringing whatever information we can to the table. The problem is that for the last day, I’ve not seen any WordPress tech get on and say “we’re working on it” or anything to ease our minds.

    I appreciate that you’re trying to bring info to the table, however you’re not going to see anybody say “we’re working on it” because debugging doesn’t work that way. You have to reproduce the problem, find the root cause, and create a solution. Without all three steps, nothing occurs. And reproducing the problem is the most difficult part, because you need detailed information on the problem to begin with. More detailed than what just browser you’re using.

    For the record, I am sitting in an office with about 400 computers around me, running various flavors of everything. I have access to every browser and almost every operating system. I setup a test site and tested it with Opera, Safari, Firefox, IE on an Ubuntu system, Windows, Mac OSX, and an old Redhat system. With the exception of the redhat box, the uploader worked on all of them, and the redhat one didn’t have Flash on it.


    OK, I understand that. But for us non-programmers and non-PHP experts, how exactly do we go about debugging a piece of software? All I can say is that on my end nothing has changed (browser, OS etc.). I also doubt my web server has changed anything since yesterday, but I can’t be sure. Since 99% of us do not run our own web server, how are we supposed to provide detail about server settings we don’t have access to? About the only thing I know about my server is that it runs a Linux distro (not even sure which one) with Apache as the server software. I have no idea what exactly their security settings are.

    Again, like the other guy here, I am not bashing WordPress at all, but simply trying to figure out what’s the matter. If there are other forums more appropriate, point me to them.

    I understand how it can be annoying, as a moderator, to sift through a thousand posts with the same content (which is why I suggested a sticky, but apparently that isn’t an option in this type of forum).

    I think I’ve provide information that the fix I saw on here with the Comma’s issue helped, but running FF on the latest Ubuntu platform has issues.

    That information should be easy enough for someone to test, and if they have the same problem, then it’s an issue.

    My Firefox plugin is:

    Shockwave Flash version 9.0 R48

    Anyone know if I need a newer version?

    If you are not willing to help people with lower technical expertise and bear that they may ask dumb seeming questions then you are probably wrong in a support forum. Support means ppl without much knowledge asking questions. If you think the questions are dumb then you are the one acting wrong. Help them to rephrase and do not get all grumpy at them.

    The problem in quite some cases IS WordPress 2.5.

    Why? Because 2.3.3 worked just fine. If it stops working in 2.5 the problem does not lie with any servers, but only with WP2.5. Why? Because 2.3.3 worked just fine.

    To say “if you don’t like it, use another one” is a very unprofessional attitude from someone who should help other people, if you excuse me for saying so.

    And again: 2.3.3 worked, 2.5 in many aspects does not and not all of the problems are server issues or wrong handling. You can see that easily if you look through the posts her in this SUPPORT forum.

    If you cannot bear all those questions by people pleading for help you maybe should lean back, drink a beer and breathe a few times, and hope it gets better…

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