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  • I cannot upload media to WordPress using IE7 on my work WinXP PC using Adobe Flash 10. It works on my home PC on IE6 with Adobe Flash 9. (Yes I know about 10 vs 9… keep reading).
    Image upload works on Firefox on both home & work PCs even though one has Flash 10 and one has Flash 9.

    The bug behavior is that WordPress presents the “Choose Files to Upload” window but when I click the button to upload, nothing happens at all.

    I looked up the problem here: in which you say Adobe Flash 10 is bad and you will NOT fix WordPress.

    Adobe Flash 9 is no longer available. I decided to get it from I uninstalled 10 & installed 9 using their tools. This action *did* allow upload of images into WordPress but it broke our website, including the page that links to my blog.

    I gave up on Flash 9 and installed Adobe Flash 10 ActiveX to make our website work. This again broke image upload – but this time it was broken everywhere – in both IE7 and Firefox. Even worse, Firefox abended whenever I went to the page that links to my blog.

    Aaarrggg! I had to go back to my last Restore Point, which was recent. Thankfully.

    As I said before, Adobe Flash 9 is no longer available. And now I am dealing with a website that depends on Flash 10. Have you fixed image upload for Adobe Flash 10 in a later version or must I believe Support Topic 164999 when it says you will never fix this???? If so, I am hosed.

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  • Me too! What’s up with uploader?
    Or rather uploader is down!

    damn i uploaded to Flash 10 🙁

    Is it impossible to find Flash 9 for Mac? I uploaded and installed Flash 10 the other day, and now I cannot get any pictures into my posts. Anyone?

    Is using the browser based uploaded not a viable solution for any of you?
    Yes it is inconvenient you can only upload one file at a time but it works just fine.

    Until I came by this forum I had no idea there was a problem with the media up-loader/Flash 10 in 2.6. I’ve always just uploaded my media to my website via FTP and linked to it in my posts. To me, this has always seemed the easiest and quickest way to do it. Would this solve your problem?

    @terriann: yes, I upgraded to the latest version of WP and now use the browser uploader.

    @ml kay: doable, but blech.

    I have five WP blogs and just didn’t want to upgrade them. Security flaws? meh! Only one blog was image heavy…

    I just HATE that WP isn’t going to address this issue!

    Thanks for your kind responses.

    I don’t know if this is related, but using “add media” buttons in my posts now forces me to open a new page – which is useless when you’re trying to insert an image into a post. If this isn’t the place to express that frustration, can someone direct me to the right forum for my issue?


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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