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  • I am using the latest nightly build. 1.5

    2 things (gee, I’m full of twos tonight)

    1. I can’t seem to upload the photos. It keeps telling me that I cannot yet I checked the folders to make sure that they are CHMOD correctly and they are.

    2. How is the style switching happening? I don’t see where the file is to do this. The reason why I ask is that I would like to include gallery into the site (or maybe coppermine) and I want it to work in seamlessly with the rest of the look.

    3. (added) Yay!

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  • Okay..

    I figured out why the image wouldn’t upload- it was too big. The error message didn’t tell me it wouldn’t do it because it was too big.

    And when I inserted a small one, it still isn’t showing up on the page. =/

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    1. When you say “CHMOD correctly”, is the directory set to 777? If not, it should be.

    Yes, it is 777.

    As I said I figured out why it wasn’t uploading. There really should be a message that says the filesize is too big. Yes, I know that you can set the filesize limits but for some people who don’t pay attention to file sizes it would be nice to see the error say:

    Sorry, that filesize is too big. Please reduce filesize or contact the administrator.

    Secondly, that doesn’t explain why once the file is uploaded, it isn’t showing up on the blog. I uploaded a picture as a test.

    Tek, you’re correct about the error message not being right. But I’m not sure what you mean by “the picture isn’t showing up on the blog”. Do you have a link to the test post we can look at?

    =( I don’t want to open link that blog yet because it is really is in the baby stages and its supposed to be a suprize (not that anyone really cares but I am trying to be extra careful this time and do things riight and not try to duct tape and bailing twine things like I usually do)

    I can send you the link in an email?

    What I mean by the image not showing up is that yes, it uploaded to teh wp-content folder but when I insert it into a post then post the post, the image isn’t showing up. its like a blank post.

    No problem. Go to and you can find my e-mail address there. I’ll try to take a look at it ASAP.

    What is the maximum size? I cannot upload files with 1mb …

    I tried out, he does not upload any pics.
    1) Thumnails do not work, because my webhost does not have installed the features, I think. Contacted him.
    2) Set the permission to 777 in my images directory.
    3) Problem:
    Your file ice.jpg was uploaded successfully!
    Image Details:
    Name: ice.jpg
    Size:0 KB

    The pic has 0kb on the webspace …

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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