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  • I did some searches but none of the issues seem to relevant to me.

    Basically, I try to upload an image, it crunches, and then it opens it up to my login screen prompting me to login again within that box.

    Solution anyone?

    This is such a major bug that I’m surprised that no one caught this!

    How frustrating.

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  • Try deactivating your plugins than upload an image again as it may be a plugin causing it. When 2.5 was still in beta I was testing various plugins on a local install and discovered that the Registered Only plugin produced this result so I added it to the Codex list.

    Nope- it’s not the plugins doing the problem here as they are all deactivated!

    I have exactly the same problem. This problem only happens when I have a clean fresh install of wordpress 2.5 I notice that if I upgrade from 2.3.1 it does not give me this problem. I tried it with firebox and firefox 3.0b5, Internet Explorer 7,and safari 3.1 (525.13) I am running on Vista. The only way around it so far is to download IE Fix at this link:

    It is mentioned by a moderator Otto42 at this link:

    So for right now I am using Internet Explorer 7 to be able to get uploads to work. Not too excited about it since I just love firefox. It still gives me http error anywhere from the 10th to 20th photo upload which is tough because I upload like 50 or more sometimes in a gallery, but I am a hardcore WordPress fan and I’ll just tough it out until the kinks are worked out in 2.5. I’ll update you with anything new that happens with this problem and please do the same for me.

    I used FF,but i met this problem either, what’s the best way to solve it??

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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