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[Resolved] Can't upload fils larger than 2MB

  • It seems like that wordpress won’t let me upload files larger than 2MB. When using the flash uploader, it says HTTP Error and when I use the browser uploader, it says 413 Request Entity Too Large. I have made a few adjustments to the php settings via .htaccess and the settings do seem to get applied. I set the max upload filesize to 50MB and post max size to 200MB. I also changed the max execution time and max post time to 300 seconds. I have also even tried setting the memory limit to 100MB and still get the same error. In the media manager, it says the max file size is 50MB and the current memory limit is 64MB. Any ideas? I have tried in both IE 9 and Firefox 3.6.15. The files I am tring to upload are .wmv videos that are 16MB and 29MB. I can however upload files smaller than 2MB. I am using a shared host, 000webhost.com to be exact.

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  • It’s not WordPress. It’s your PHP configuration.

    If available, you need to modify your php.ini file.

    I can’t modify it directly, but I can make changes via .htaccess.

    Are you sure your changes in .htaccess are actually taking effect?

    Yes. I created a file that runs phpinfo() and it shows the changes.

    Are your server error logs instructive at all? Do they give any more-detailed information regarding the error(s) you encounter?

    The webhost doesn’t give logs to free accounts. So no, they wouldn’t help. All I know is for some reason I get the 413 error because the files are supposably too large. I’ll contact their support and see what they say.

    Your webhost may be throttling things beyond your ability to control via php.ini or .htaccess.

    I contacted the support people, but they didn’t answer my question on weather or not they are limiting the very maximum. They just told me to use FTP since they don’t limit that, but then I can’t add the files to the media manager. I noticed that there is a button to add files, but it doesn’t seem to work. I do think though that it is allowing larger than 2MB because I was able to get just over 40% of the 16MB file uploaded before it errored out and I figure 40% to be just over 6MB. Anyone know of any plugins or a way to add files to the media manger if I was to upload my larger files via FTP?

    Try the Add From Server Plugin?

    Thanks much! My webhost’s support people say that they limit php file uploads to strictly 2MB. So this will help me a lot as a large portion of the files that I will upload will probably be over 2MB.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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