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  • Here’s what I did yesterday:
    I imported/uploaded a zip file with a theme I want
    I entered all the content I wanted…slides and all..a few plug in things

    Here’s what I did and what happened today:
    Realized the domain name was not pointed toward WordPress
    I own the domain. It’s registered with GoDaddy.
    I entered the wordpress name servers on my GoDaddy admin site
    I paid for domain mapping with WordPress
    My wordpress username then changes for some reason
    The mapping worked, but everything I put in yesterday is gone
    I can’t upload the theme I bought yesterday
    While fooling around with the free version, I no longer have the option to insert the slides I want.

    Would appreciate some advice 🙂

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  • Where is your site hosted? I’m a bit confused by some of what you said…

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    You might get better help from rather than here.

    WPyogi – I created a wordpress blog. In trying to make it look like I want…all of this ensued. I suppose it’s hosted by wordpress.

    If it’s on WordPress.COM, Jose is right, you’ll need to go to them for help. But you can’t use themes from other sources on their sites — only themes available on WordPress.COM. If you want more freedom on what you can do on the site, you’ll want a self-hosted WP site — which is what these forums support.

    Yeah, it’s kinda confusing…this explains the difference: and

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    The dead giveaway was when you said you paid for domain mapping with WordPress. I have used .com before and decided to go with a self hosted one. You will get much better support from the link I provided you with. 🙂 They know what they are doing there more than we do on this support forum as far as the issue you are having.

    WPyogi- So by self-hosted site, what does that mean? Does that mean I should sign up with one of the recommended hosts on .org?

    Yep, it means that you need to set up (and pay for) hosting and do a lot more of the back-end work than you would on .COM sites.

    You’re not limited to the recommended hosts — there are many, many out there, but it’s a good idea to do some research before you pick one.

    If you decide to go self-hosted, I highly-recommend BlueHost. SimpleScripts will do the installation and send you a turn-key password…and you will be all set to go. I knew nothing about any of this just over three months ago, and BlueHost gives top-shelf support even to rookies like me who lock themselves out once in a while while still learning.

    And one more question. I am assuming I created the “lost” content in .org. How do I get back to that dashboard?

    If you created a free site yesterday, it was on .COM — there aren’t any free sites on .ORG as they don’t host sites. Do you recall the URL or user name you used?

    yes i remember them.

    So then you should be able to go back and get that content? If it’s a lot they can help you move the site you made to a self-hosted site – but you’ll need to post on their forums to ask for that assistance. Or you can just copy/paste to a self-hosted site once you get it set up.

    This may also be helpful:

    Thanks much for your help.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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