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  • Hi I get this error message (different to others hence new post)

    Warning: copy(/homepages/37/d383580667/htdocs/app383580682/wp-admin/includes/update-core.php) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /homepages/37/d383580667/htdocs/app383580682/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 200

    Could not copy files.

    Installation Failed

    I read that I can upload manually but have no idea what this entails – if I can’t do it automatically please could someone explain how I do it? I need like a ladybird guide…



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  • Hi Rebekah,

    You are having file permission issues that could prevent the automatic upgrade. Through your web host’s control panel file manager or some other file transfer program like FileZilla, you should be able to tell what they are currently set to. This article explains file permissions: Changing File Permissions. And, this section of the same article explains the recommended permission scheme which you can use as a guide to adjust your WordPress permissions: Permission Scheme for WordPress.

    With regard to manual upgrades, have you looked at the detailed steps in the Codex article: Upgrading WordPress – Manual Update? It explains exactly what steps you need to take.


    I have exactly the same problem. Downloaded and installed Filezilla, logged in to my website, located the update-core.php file.
    The file permissions are set to read. I cannot set them to read and write, I get the error message “operation not permitted”.

    Any ideas?


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    @karine321, please post your own topic. Thanks.

    That way you might get more specific responses from the volunteers.

    I kept pressing the upgrade to wp 3.5 and finally I lost the entire admin page again. I lost the entire site a few weeks ago- well all of the content and articles and have been re-adding all the plug ins. I can’t get the SEO lights to be green they are either grayed out or red. I’ve been trying to save a backup of my website to my apple Pages and in cloud but can’t figure it out- I can see that the website documents are there but it doesn’t all me to press save. My website was nice in the beginning but now I’ve lost all my pages in wp and can’t upgrade. I pretty much have a shell of a webpage. My start up disk says its almost full. I’ve tried to delete stuff but I fear I’m deleting key components to my site. help. I have a macbook air with 2 GB. I ended up purchasing 25 Gigs thru mackeeper but I can’t figure out how to save any documents in there.



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    @kgkikiof – if you need help, please start your own thread. You are more likely to get help and it’s considered rude to hijack another person’s thread.

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