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  • Plugin Author Jonathan Bardo


    Hey ImajWorks!

    Thank you for reporting this! Do you happen to know the current version you are trying to upgrade from?

    1.3…? I think. Only because when I was able to do it successfully with other sites with nearly identical setups, I seem to remember 1.3 popping up…

    Plugin Author Jonathan Bardo


    So it’s the only host that you have problem upgrading?

    In that case, I would need to know a little more about this host. What is the PHP version currently enabled on the site and what version of MySQL are you using? This might be a little obscure if you are not into devops but if you are able to tell me what is the charset of the database and what database engine it is using (I’m guessing MyIsam or InnoDB) that would help me a lot trying to reproduce the problem on my end.

    But I’m not having issues with every site on this host — only these three. In fact, I upgraded one this morning from 1.3.1 without any issues.

    Save the content, these are all near mirror versions of each site.

    I’m going to ping Flywheel support to see if they can answer your questions because I’m totally out of the loop.

    From Flywheel via email, “We’re running version 5.5 on both PHP and MySQL.”

    Plugin Author Jonathan Bardo


    Thank you, we will try to reproduce your environnement. One last question, are you using the latest version of WordPress (3.9) or something a little older?

    Another bit from Flywheel:

    “The database engine is MyISAM, and the charset should be utf8.”

    All installations are using WP 3.9.

    Plugin Author Chris Olbekson


    Level 12 Bug Squasher & Forum Moderator

    Thanks for all the details ImajWorks. If you’re familiar with phpMyAdmin there a few checks for stream database version keys that might help resolve. In the mean time we are going to do more testing on the updates from specific versions. Thanks for your patience.

    Plugin Author Shady Sharaf


    @imajworks can you get in touch with shady+support [a.t] x-team .com so we may help resolve this issue ?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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