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Can't upgrade or upload after setup multisite

  • The problem shows up after my WP/MAMP setup transfered from single-site to multisite (with sub-directory). Any operation, with dashboard, that include file upload, e.g. wp upgrade, theme installation (search install, or upload install), plugin installation (same as theme install) fails. The error message is always about the local wp root directory. e.g. for wp upgrade ( to 3.3.2), it says:

    Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-3.3.2-partial-1.zip…

    Unpacking the update…

    Could not create directory.: /Users/ivan/Sites/wordpress/wp-content/upgrade/wordpress-3.tmp

    Installation Failed

    The error message is similar for theme and plugin installation, the only difference is the directory, “…/upload/2012/4/”… says invalid URL.

    Setting the permission in MAC for wp-content to be r/w for www, staff, everyone. but the problem is still there.

    Of course, the master site and the other sites works well basically.

    Anyone have a clue or suggestion about this problem.

    Your kind help is appreciated.



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  • The error messsage for theme upload failure is as below:

    Downloading install package from /Users/ivan/Sites/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/goodnews1.zip…

    Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

    Could not create directory.: /Users/ivan/Sites/wordpress/wp-content/upgrade/wordpress-3.tmp

    Well that one is cause you need an /upgrade/ folder and the permissions. Change permissions to 777 for a test.

    The others, though… it shouldn’t be downloading FROM /Users/ivan/Sites/wordpress/

    Turn off all your plugins and test again.

    Thanks for advise.
    I did make major progress in this (but still some problem). It turns out to be problem during multisite installation,
    a) the blogs.dir was created in wrong location,
    b) the .htaccess file was not created via GUI, then CLI with ‘sudo nano … “, which does fix it,
    c) chmod -R 777 on wordpress root.
    * I’s so stupid to created database and copied full wordpress contect to each subsite folder yesterday, which should be automatically created,… shame to admit that 🙁

    Result is that, the WP upgrade and theme installation from dashboard are successful. However the new theme is not shown in subsite dashboard even after ‘network enable’ the theme in ‘sites’ dashboard, however it does show in the master site dashboard but not in either of the subsite’s dashboard. I did check the ./theme folders, the new theme shows in the master site’s theme folder, but not in subsite’s ./theme folder.
    My understanding is that any new theme shall be copied to each subsite automatically. I bet the plugin should work the same way.
    Any advice or suggestion? How to make the theme installation dance for subsite?



    I did try manually upload the theme files to the ./theme folder of the subsite, the new theme does show in the subsite dashboard. However it should be more smart than this, right?
    Please help. I think I’m just one step away to the perfect world.



    The folders aren’t ‘real’ in Multisite.

    I mean, I can have domain.com/foobar, but there’s no /foobar folder.

    Anyway, why I can’t see new theme in subsite dashboard? what can I do?

    I said that becuase you said this:

    I did try manually upload the theme files to the ./theme folder of the subsite

    There’s no theme folder to the SUBSITE. So … You should be installing themes in /wp-content/themes/

    That’s the folder for ALL your sites.

    Once you do that, you have to either network activate the theme, or go to Network Admin -> Sites -> EDIT site and go to the Themes Tab there to activate it per site.

    I’ve network enabled all themes in sites dashboard. but the new installed theme is now shown in subsite dashboard….

    when go network admin->sites->site/edit, and theme tab, it says:

    You do not appear to have any themes available at this time.



    I’ve network enabled all themes


    when go network admin->sites->site/edit, and theme tab, it says:

    Okay. Did you bother to read the top of that page? Where it says “Network enabled themes are not shown on this screen.”

    So … Yeah. If you’re NETWORK enabling themes, you get to go to:

    Site -> Admin -> THEMES

    Yes, that page does say “Network enabled themes are not shown on this screen.”

    But, could you be more clear about Site-Admin-Themes?



    Site == The site you’re trying to turn the theme on

    Go to http://example.com/sitename/wp-admin/

    Click on THEMES


    You’re totally over thinking this 🙂 It’s really just as basic as it is for a single install. If you network activate a theme, it’s available on ALL sites like that.

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