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  • Same here, seems to be a bug.

    I’m having the same problem. When I click on the ‘register Toolset’ link it takes me to the wordpress admin add plugin screen.

    Same problem here…

    Same problem here 🙁

    hi Guys

    I had some inconsistency. Types plugin from was installed in wp-types directory, and the other hand, from was installed in types directory.

    Please check where Types are installed and if this directory is wp-types – just rename this to types.

    I’m sorry for that.

    If you have still this problem, please add issue on our support site. We can ask about credentials to check on your site what is a reason of this issue.

    Types Community Support




    Same problem here…

    Hi Marcin, I can’t remember where I originally downloaded the plugin from, but on my sites the directory is types. And I still had the error as shown above.

    What I’ve done just now is download from the WordPress plugin repository and just dropped that into my plugins directory to override the old version. So the pending update message has gone and the problem is fixed.

    However the plugin at 1000+ files is large-ish. I have some more sites I need to do this for so would rather not have to update them all via FTP. Can you think of another solution?


    And do you now need a key for your websites? All my sites made with Types need a key now to update. I find this a strange change for a free plugin.
    I would like to hear the thoughts behind this philosophy.

    And is it possible outcome that the whole plugin will be paid in the future – which almost forces us to buy it?

    I’m getting the same error message. The plugin directory is already named types.

    I’m sorry guys, this is a bug. This plugin still is a free plugin, which you can use without and key.

    We working on this.


    Ok thanks for the update


    There’s a solution at the plugin’s support forum

    So if you don’t want to wait:
    1- Create a free account (
    2- Log in.
    3- Go to your site WP-admin > Types > Installer
    4- Press Register Toolset button and follow the showed link. That should link your site with that Types account.
    5- Retrieve key and paste within Installer page.
    6- Update.


    Thank you cperez500!!!

    Thanks Marcin! Love the plugin!

    Same problem here. Waiting for the update.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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