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  • I have been trying to update my Disciple theme for more than a week, and although I’m ok with it taking some extra time due to holidays I’m just frustrated with the lacklustre communication and obscure reasons to withhold the update.

    I got response last Saturday about a error that was found in my blog:

    “Do you have a personal site that you can link to instead of the domain?”

    No technical issues with the theme, just this.

    Now the link in the theme (footer and author url) goes to which clearly show a blog about WordPress themes, but apparently there is something wrong with the domain name. When I asked about this and assured that the link went to a personal site I got this response:

    “Would like to generally see credit links go back to theme author sites instead of forum sites.”

    I once again stated that this was my author site and that the link didn’t go the forum, they were just on the same server.

    They are on the same domain, that’s more than just hosted on the same server.

    Now I sent a frustrated response to that too, once again stating that the link doesn’t go the forum, that it goes to my personal WordPress blog, that none of the sites on that domain are commercial, illegal or whatever, but I’m still waiting for response. Each of these responses take a day and any further delay on top of the already long wait is just frustrating. Previously the URL in the theme was pointing to a personal blog about games with just a page for themes which was ok, but now when I got a separate blog for themes I get problem?

    The only thing in the requirements about links is this:

    No hidden, paid or sponsored links in the theme. Links back to the author’s site are fine.

    I really have trouble seeing the problem that is causing moderators to withhold the update. I have updated themes fine before, this is the first problem I have ever had except technical. Is this some change in policies or what?

    For the love of god, I just want to update my theme.

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  • I would be frustrated too. So many people are abusing the whole “author credit link” so sadly a few bad apples makes it harder for everybody else…

    It might be worth paying $7 for a new domain and have it forwarded.

    good luck!

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