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    Hi barnasbasnagy,

    Can you list the version you are updating from. The reason we put the update database button is to give the user control when this update happens because if you have a very large record set it could take a long time. Schema changes happen automatically in the background. Any time we need to update the existing records to work with a new schema the db update only happens when the user pushes the button.

    There is planning in the works to divide the update process up for very large record sets to prevent time outs. Do you know how many records you have? We are currently doing internal testing to find out what the tipping point is but of course it will be different depending upon environmental variables.

    This has been resolved. Sorry for not updating the ticket.

    I had the same problem.
    Wpengine.. networksite all under CloudFlare.
    I’ve also reset the Db cleaning old data but the problem remain.
    502.. it’s seems the plugin need to much time to update DB and we have 502 from the server.
    I was investigating with some collegue this morning when i discoverd that after reset the stream db a few tables are still large: ex: gryt3mt_stram has 43,075 records.

    Now i’m using 1.4.4. The updating process of db dosn’t work since the last update.
    now i saw that there’s a new version.. but i think i need to solve this problem with db before.

    tnx in advance for your support

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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