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  • I have a different theme installed, but have 2017 as a backup/default for when I have to test out plugin conflicts and such.

    Received a recent notification that 2017 needed to be updated, and I tried…but then got an error message that it couldn’t be updated due to a css error. No worries, I figured I could just delete it and then reinstall when needed.

    Nope. Couldn’t delete the theme through WP. Fine…went through FTP.


    The error message I get is:

    Error deleting blocks.css in themes/twentyseventeen/assets/css

    Uh, what? I have never had an error deleting anything like this before. And now, when I go to my themes in WP it comes up as a broken theme with a missing stylesheet.

    What’s going on? Why can’t I delete this theme?

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  • Where did blocks come from?

    I just looked at my assets/css and there were no blocks. Can you create an empty file called blocks.css and upload it? That would get rid of any conflicts, I would think.

    Another possibility is to delete the folder altogether. Can you do this and then try your reinstallation of the theme?

    This is just a thought experiment. Not necessarily a solution.

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    Thanks for your response!

    Sadly, I can’t delete the whole folder via FTP. That’s where I get the error messages. So, I can’t delete through wordpress, and I can’t delete server-side.

    I have found it’s not just blocks.css it’s also

    and the list keeps going and going.

    I did try to upload different .css files like you suggested, but I get an error message that my permission is denied. So I can’t override the existing files either.

    Any other ideas? Thanks again for helping me brainstorm!

    That all makes me think it is a permissions issue on the folder.

    Have you spoken to the host/isp who is managing your site? It sounds as though something could be done on that side of things.

    These are only thoughts, which I hope will help.

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    Thanks! I’ll contact my host and see if they can have better success.

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