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  • Hi,

    I was running 2.5.1 and I am running 2.6.1 now and on both version I couldn’t unpublish private posts.

    I edited the post, selected un-publish while the private tick was still set and clicked on save. The post was saved but no effect on the publish status. After un-ticking the private button, selecting unpublish and save the posting was unpublished.

    A feature or a bug?


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  • I’m having the same problem. I’ve marked a post as Private, in order to avoid accidentally pressing the Publish button. However, when I made the post private, it got automatically published. IMO, this is either a bug or a very dangerous feature.

    Just happened to me. This is not cool. It’s at least a bug or serious UI problem, and maybe even a small security issue.

    I was working on a draft, and checked ‘Keep this post private’ then clicked the save button. That oddly made the post Private, and removed it from Draft status (it no longer was in the Drafts list)—in my mind those are two exclusive concepts—one post could be both private and a draft (a private post, but not finished being written).

    Then, i unchecked ‘Private’ on that post and clicked save. I left it like that for a day, not thinking much of it.

    When i returned to write more, the post was neither in Private nor Drafts. It was Published! What was basically my rough notes for a post i was working on had been published, and i had never clicked the Publish button!

    That cannot be right.

    So my rough notes were sitting out in the wild for a day before i realized what happened.

    There’s no need to make a draft Private. If you’re writing a draft, it’s an unpublished draft. There shouldn’t be any need to make *drafts* private in the back end. (And if there is, you can always get Role Manager and set people so they can’t see or edit drafts.)

    “Private” is a form of how the post is published. You can either just Publish it (and it’s public) or choose “Private” and it’s published as a private post.

    it’s neither a dangerous security issue, nor a bug – it’s just how WP works.

    Except, that it’s unclear that checking “Private” and clicking save essentially publishes a post. And then later making it un-private makes it published in the clear.

    “It’s just how WP works” is not a good enough answer. I understand that now, sure. But it’s something that needs to be addressed in future versions.

    It simply does not make sense.

    Follow this (i’m using 2.6):

    If i make a new post, check ‘Keep this post private’ with the Publish Status left as ‘Unpublished’, and click the ‘Save’ button, why does the status become Published? I didn’t click the ‘Publish’ button.

    Something in the UI wording or in the actual functionality needs to be cleared up.

    Maybe- I suppose you could look at it that way. But to me, “Keep this post private” is pretty clear that it’ll be published, and only people with approved access will be able to see it. In all the time I’ve used WordPress, I’ve never once thought that choosing that option/clicking that button would keep it private on the back end – if it did *that* wouldn’t make sense to me, since the *entire* back end is already private.

    #7745: Private posts cannot have unpublished or pending review status

    I agree this is extremely confusing. At this point, I can’t even find an explanation of what a private post is, and that’s how I stumbled on this thread. Private just seems to make it published, no matter what I do. It shows up in the menu. Is there a codex entry for it? I can’t find it.

    The same problem exists for my blog

    What is the solution for this problem… ?

    I would like this fixed, too. I want to stop an evil blog from linking to me, and want to disable the post – ie, Unpublish it – but I can’t, because it’s private, so I don’t have that choice now. And Google still counts it as a hit. I want a blank, nothing from that site. Really annoying.

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