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    I can’t type in the “Visual” or “Code” box like this one I’m typing in now.

    I’ve researched all of the posts on this forum via a “search” and it seems the typical solutions; go to user profile and check the “visual” box, or “get rid of all the plug-ins.” I’ve done all that. I even unchecked the “visual” box on the user profile page, saved it, went to the write page, was able to write in the “box,” saved it, went back and checked the visual box again on the user profile page, went back to the write page, clicked on my saved work and the “message” inside the box had disappeared.

    Any thoughts? I do have version 2.3.2 and am working through the steps to upgrade to 2.3.3. Maybe that will make a difference???

    At some point I will resolve this and gladly post my results here for others who might be experiencing this frustrating problem.

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    See your post in the How to and troubleshooting Section.

    Please don’t double post. It wastes other peoples time and often results in you getting no answer.

    These are typically browser/user problems, not WordPress problems. Not to belittle your frustration, but there are “better” ways to ask for help.

    The editor is driven by TinyMCE. If you can see it, you should be able to use it.

    The reason for the double post was because somehow this originally was posted in the wrong section “installation,” where it went 4 hours without a reply, rather than “troubleshooting” where I thought it should have been posted to begin with.

    The problem is fixed for anyone reading it. Here is a copy of what is in the troubleshooting post where kmessinger was nice enough to help:

    This is many times browser specific and has to do with java.

    Try a different browser and see if your results change.


    Yes, this worked! Thank you! I downloaded Firefox and opened up wordpress and could now write text in the visual and code box.

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