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  • I’m trying to become a new WordPress user but have run into a couple of issues I’m hoping somebody can help with:

    1- When I try to “Write Post” in Visual mode, I can type in the title field, but not in the body. My cursor does not appear when I click in the body. If I switch to Code mode I can’t type in either the title or body. Clicking on one of the HTML buttons seems to activate the body field, and somehow also the title field, because after clicking a button I can type in either. If I switch back to Visual, what I typed in Code mode shows, but I still can’t type anything.

    Trying to use “Write Page” produces similar results.

    2- I did create a post using the Code mode as per the above and then saved it. However, when I click on the link to the draft, I get taken to the “Index of /wordpress” page that shows all my WP files.

    I’ve never used any blogging software before.

    I’m on a shared server with PHP version 4.4.4 and My SQL 4.1.21.

    I first installed WordPress 2.1.3 through Fantastico and had the editing problem. I removed it, then installed 2.2 manually. I have not installed any plugins.

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