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  • Hey there,

    I love wordpress, it’s great.

    I’m having two small issues here (and I’ve already searched the forum and could not find answers).

    You can see my self-installed wordpress blog at

    I use the WP-Blog plugin to integrate the into Rapidweaver, my website-building software.

    Here there are only posts—no pages. They are functioning the way they are supposed to do.

    However, my pages are not following suit.

    You can see an example here:

    Note that the title of the page is black and this “You might also like…” related posts thing came up.

    Until now, I have always had my pages hidden from the sidebar, so it never really mattered.

    Now, that has to change.

    I have spent the last hour and a half trying to figure out what is wrong…and am still struggling.

    I have gone to the “Appearance” tab in the dashboard and have gone through every option that I can see. There are no options available to turn on nor off this function.

    I do not have any plugins installed that would enable this feature.

    In my web development software I have searched every category and have found no answers.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going wrong and about how to stop it?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Thanks to the plugin designer, I found the solution to the ‘related posts’ problem. Shareaholic, apparently, decides on its own to activate this option. All I had to do was find the correct menu.

    The second problem, however, is more difficult.

    The plugin designer was kind enough to respond with an idea about what to do.

    That said, it appears to be over my head, so I thought I would ask for help before trying.

    First of all, to restate the issue, the original problem is that the titles of the posts, as seen here

    …are correct, while in the pages…

    They are incorrect.

    All I need to do is simple: change the font of the title in the pages to match those of the blog posts.

    Here is what the plugin designer said:

    “The type differs because the WordPress page has different markup than the blog page and that is what is causing your style differences. The best option is to inspect the page using WebKits inspector or some similar tool and see how what elements you need to modify the CSS for.

    As an example, the title of the page (“About”) is wrapped in a H2 tag so you would change the color of that text with this CSS:

    #content h2 { color: red; }”

    I do not know any CSS.

    I looked up wordpress webkits, and see that it’s a plugin.

    Would anyone be willing to lend me a hand? I would be happy to do something in gratitude…I don’t know what…depends on what you need and what I have to offer.

    Thanks in advance – Bryan

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