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  • Hi,

    I had quite few issues after updating to 3.0 and some are still present, while some have been solved.
    One of those issues was translation and it couldnt be managed at the begining, but then i have somehow managed it, and translated most of the missing parts, but there is one thing that simply cant be translated since it looks like string is missing in translation files…

    What im looking for is a way to translate “Shipping” text that is found on cart and checkout page.

    (Language im using is Slovenian)

    How can i solve this?

    PS: Other big issue i have is that when woocommerce plugin is enabled and i go to menu section there is nothing there to edit. I tried disabling all other plugins, but issue is still there until i disable woocommerce. When i disable woocommerce all works normal.

    thank you

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  • having the same issue with string “Cart”

    Also interested to know how to solve this problem.

    What about this, does it work ?

    How to Translate any String

    Decide what string you want to translate, e.g. “Leave a Reply” (EN)
    Decide its translation, e.g. “Dejar un Comentario” (ES)
    Open WordPress Dashboard / Appearance / Editor / functions.php file

    Add the following line of code:
    add_filter(‘gettext’, ‘translate_reply’);
    add_filter(‘ngettext’, ‘translate_reply’);
    function translate_reply($translated) {
    $translated = str_ireplace(‘Leave a Reply’, ‘Dejar un Comentario’, $translated);
    return $translated;

    Has anyone solved this problem?

    I found that WC version 3.0 cart.php changed capitalization of some phrases.

    Such as,

    Continue Shopping -> Continue shopping
    Update Cart -> Update cart
    Cart Totals -> Cart totals
    Proceed to Checkout -> Proceed to checkout
    Calculate Shipping -> Calculate shipping

    I had to use text editor to change these phrases to match with cart.php to solve the issue because translation PO file for WC 3.0 of my language was not available yet.

    But I still have problem with “Shipping” not being translated. I think this one is not related to the capitalization issue.

    Hello, all
    I found solution.

    1. Install Loco Translate (plugin)
    2. Go to Loco Translate -> Plugin -> Woocommerce
    3. Edit your language
    4. Search Shipping %d
    5. Translate your language

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    Same problem, to fix it I had to modify

    in line 25 I changed

    <th><?php echo wp_kses_post( $package_name ); ?></th>


    <th><?php echo __(wp_kses_post( $package_name ), 'woocommerce'); ?></th>

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