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    A company that prides itself on taking care of safety cannot close such a gap for 2 years. That’s one thing, worse is that it ignores the voices of its customers. I assure you, former customers. We didn’t renew 10 licenses for this plug-in today and we’re using iThemes Security from today. Embarrassing lack of professionalism. We advise against it!

    Please, fix it!

    Thank you @karlemilnikka for the fix. Works like a charm.
    I added the code with the “code snippet” plugin. Recommend it.

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    “I’m afraid to say there is no possible way to do that at the moment, we are taking steps to make Wordfence translation ready but this isn’t in a complete stage yet, this issue has the internal reference number (FB761)” – 2 years, 4 months ago

    A company that claims to protect others cannot cope with such a problem for 3 years. Pathetic! Invest your money in another plugin!

    @adamfrost, I have to agree,

    Unfortunately, and even though I like WordFence and I think as a security plugin it is great, I simply cannot continue using it, this is a user facing product and it looks just unprofessional the way it works for users of other languages.

    I’m waiting for my 1-year subscription to end to look up for alternatives.

    It’s sad, I wish they would do something about it.

    C’mon Wordfence team; that’s barely acceptable.
    You deal with the highest threats, shouldn’t be an issue to provide us a fast trick to prevent this, either with a hook or an extra param.
    More widely, WF should be localized in full now; raise it on top of your roadmap please !

    As of now, I had to deactivate the option “Don’t let WordPress reveal valid users in login errors”.

    BTW, kudos to @leandrorocha for pointing this out, was searching for the “why” for a while, without linking it to WF : you literally saved my “life” today as we go production and my client was barking at me …

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    I don’t understand why nobody replies to these posts and the topic has been ignored for 3 years !!!

    After all, you deal with security and this situation, because users are rummaging in the system and trying to fix something themselves, weakens security – you lead to a situation of reduced security!!!

    My guess is that they bought the software from someone else and now cannot change it. They charge for it but ZERO support.

    Same problem, I need to translate it in italian.
    I would like to have an official solution from WordFence…

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    Wow… this is almost unbelievable! 😮

    Did someone from Wordfence simply “blocked” this thread or something like that?

    This is absolutely unprofessional guys. What a big shame really.

    I can’t understand why you can’t just fix this, it’s a 30 secondes job,

    please, would you fix it? I can’t translate this error

    I confirm that the best workaround for this is to create a snippet with this code:

        function login_error_message($error){
            //check if that's the error you are looking for
            $pos = strpos($error, 'incorrect');
            if (is_int($pos)) {
                //its the right error so you can overwrite it
                $error = "ERRORE: Username o password non corretti. <br><a href=''>Password dimenticata?</a>";
            return $error;

    You can create a snippet with Code Snippets or add the code to the function file of your child theme.


    Thanks @ruperth2o It’s indeed the best solution.

    A plugin that protect site from hacking cant make option to translate:

    ERROR: The username or password you entered is incorrect

    For 2 years…

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