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  • I had a modified Twenty ten theme on my blog but when i wanted to switch it to another theme it all went wrong.
    When i go to Appearance > Themes now, I only see the current theme (Twenty Twelve) and no option to change theme or see a preview of the other available themes. Twenty Ten stopped working or at least doesn’t show up anymore.
    I’ve tried deactivating all plugins, but with all deactivated I still get the same options in the Themes manager. Screenshot
    I already replaced the themes.php / theme-install.php files on the server, but nothing changes.
    Any help is welcome as I see no other options on how to solve this.

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    It may sound a little odd but have you tried re-installing?

    I have re-updated my wordpress version 3.5
    I was hoping I did not have to completely remove my WP installation and re-install, if that was what you meant.
    Everything functions, except the ‘Theme changer’



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    Try switching to the default theme by renaming your current theme’s folder inside wp-content/themes and adding “-old” to the end of the folder name using FTP or whatever file management application your host provides.

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    I had a modified Twenty ten theme on my blog

    What did you modify and how did you modify Twenty Ten? I’m really hoping you did not edit the files in wp-content/themes/twentyten directly and made a child theme instead.

    I was hoping I did not have to completely remove my WP installation and re-install

    Good thing you don’t have to. 😉

    Insert obligatory backup statement HERE:

    Backups are your friend and in a jam it will always be your best safety net.

    Try downloading a fresh copy of 3.5 and extract all the files in the archive on top of your WordPress installation except the wp-content directory.

    Once that’s done clear your browsers cookies and cache and try the themes again.

    @esmi : I had tried that before, moving all themes to another folder and renaming it.
    @jan Dembowski: I had a copy of the Twenty Ten theme and modified that. Now i’m using TwentyTwelve that I can modify within WordPress admin.
    I reinstalled all folders and files, except wp-content, without any luck: the Theme page stays the same.
    I’m going to try a brand new installation of WordPress, relinking the database and reuploading the backup up wp-content folder. See if that works.

    Still no luck: I reinstalled wordpress entirely. I removed wp-content and replaced it with the one that came with the wordpress folder.
    Nothing worked, so I presume it must be my database that is doing something wrong. Or am I not seeing this clear?



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    Could you try a fresh install with a fresh database on the same server?

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