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    I’m working on a theme where I copied over a two column float from my index to a few pages so I can duplicate the same style of content on the left, sidebar on the right. For some reason though it’s not styling the actual content.

    Here’s my index: with the content and sidebar how I intended. Here are the pages (with custom templates) where I did basically the same thing, but the style isn’t working on the content:

    This is another page with essentially the exact same code as the other pages except there is no content created with the form, only it’s comments. The style seems to be working here.

    Any help? This is destroying my brain, I just cant seem to figure it out.

    Note: On the custom pages, instead of calling the header, I pasted out the full header with slight navigation tweaks on each page. I labeled the part in question: <!– HERE IS THE PART IN QUESTION –>

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    Get rid of the <pre></pre> tags on those 2 pages.

    I don’t actually see that anywhere in my page template… Just checked the source of the page and I’m not seeing it there either. Can you clarify?

    The style applies the float:left to the left column but it looks like it’s only applying styling to the page’s title and date, not the actual post.. It’s really curious.

    Added the same 2 column code from index to the singlepage, and that works, but the pages still won’t style.



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    I don’t actually see that anywhere in my page template

    Try looking in the content for each of those pages.

    Wow, you’re a life saver. Thanks so much, that’s where it was. Removing them did the trick.

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