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  • There won’t be a .htaccess file on a fresh install.

    Do you mean your username and password doesn’t work?

    Yes s_ha_dum. I am not getting any errors besides that. It says that the username is incorrect but i am sure it is correct.

    Also when i go to the site there is no content on the home page. There is only this message:
    Nothing Found

    Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post.

    I would really appreciate any help…

    Thank you!

    WAMP includes PhpMyAdmin. Check the wp_users table and make sure the username is what you think it is. Case counts. ‘Hello’ does not equal ‘hello’.

    Thank you for trying to help s_ha_dum!

    I have done that, this is the only thing i can see on the row user registered:
    7 user_registered datetime No 0000-00-00 00:00:00

    I cant see any user names on that table…
    Too bad i cant send screenshots on here…

    I even went back with the button on my browser to check if i was really correct, i am entering the correct details.

    I did a new wamp installation today but i dont think that could be the problem…

    Even when i enter my email it says that email is not recognized…

    There should be about ten columns in that table, one of which is ‘user_login’. Your login name should be in that one. If that column isn’t there, you have a pretty big problem.

    The horizontal user_login row is there but my user name is not showing on that row. I hope i dont have that problem you mention…

    Theres nothing on it besides this information:
    2 user_login varchar(60) utf8_general_ci No

    The word No is on the Null column.

    Is there anything i can do to fix this?

    You are seeing something like this aren’t you?

    That is the table description. That isn’t the table data at all. In PhpMyAdmin, don’t click on the little square on the left, click on the table name itself, or switch to the ‘Browse’ tab. That is where your data is.

    Not really, or maybe i am not looking at the correct place.

    Please follow this link, this page is showing the wp_users table as it is now:
    PMA wp_users table

    Once again, thank you for trying to help!!

    That is showing the table structure, not the data, as I suspected. Do what I said before and go to the ‘Browse’ tab.

    Sorry, maybe i might not doing things right but the browse tab is greyed out and i cant click it when im on the wp_users table.

    The table is showing exactly like the picture on the link that i ve sent to you.

    I hope this is what you mean?
    Maybe i got the problem you ve mentioned before…

    If that is grayed out there is no data in the table. Your installation failed. Is there anything in any of the tables?

    The only table where the Browse tab is not greyed out is the wp_options table.
    Thats strange because i tried to install about 3 times.
    Do you think i should reinstall it until it s right?

    You ran the install script at wp-admin/install.php ? What happened? Did you get any messages? Blank white page? What?

    Yes, i just got a page with the wordpress logo and nothing else. Actually i found that strange, i refreshed the page and it took me to a log in page but after that i couldnt log in.
    Im glad you mentioned that, i am sorry for not mentioning it.
    Do you have any idea of what the problem might be?

    The installer didn’t run correctly. And it sounds like something is wrong with it. There should be a short form and some other information, not just a logo, on that page.

    Something must have happened to create those tables and populate one of them but it didn’t complete.

    Drop (aka, delete) all of those WordPress tables but not the database itself. You should be able to go back to wp-admin/install.php and start over. Try that. Make notes about anything that goes wrong.

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