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    I’ve created a header which has a HTML widget on it. The widget with HTML is used for showing a custom ‘hamburger icon’ and toggles a popup. However I can’t make the section with the HTML widget to show on top of the popup, so the icon can’t be used to close the popup since the popup is covering the icon when open.

    I’ve tried changing the z-index for various elements and the closest I can make it is having the entire header on top of the popup, but I’d like only a certain section (or column) of the header to show on top of the popup. Perhaps this is not possible?

    The entire creation is on localhost so I can’t link it unfortunately.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Solved this some hours after posting. I’ll post the solution in case anyone else would need it sometime.

    It turned out the heading had a z-index of 10 that I had missed. For some reason when that was set it wouldn’t matter what value I gave the other elements. The z-index from the header had to be removed entirely, not set to any value or it wouldn’t work.

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