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  1. csbarnard
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I went through the process of setting up multisite which worked to an extent - that is I could create my additional sites.

    My issue I have a fairly complex set up where I needed to have a non WordPress installation in the root folder, then I need to have WordPress in alias.mysite.com (a physical space on the server), then of course my additional virtual site. This is the only way I can see to create my site set up, which requires a splash page (although perhaps creating a static page may now be a better way)

    Despite many attempts I couldn't get that working, I either received timeout errors, or server can't resolve to that address.

    So what I have tried to do is just move WordPress back to the root to at least get the multisite working in the root folder - and look at just creating a static front page.

    Except now I still can't create additional sites.

    I have read most similar threads - and all point to ensuring that wildcard domains are configured - which I've done.

    I did have a hunch that maybe propagation was an issue as I'd deleted and re-added the wild card sub domain.

    Does anybody have any ideas what I may be doing wrong.



  2. Installing WP in a subdomain isn't complicated.. I'm assuming you got WP up and running in alias.mysite.com first and then turned on Multisite.

    At what point did it break?

  3. csbarnard
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi thanks for the reply...

    No it isn't complicated - the first time round I had it working nicely. I think moving it around has caused the problem. I just tried adding a new site now and the same problem.

    You've given me the obvious idea to try installing a new copy of WP in the sub domain and get that working...

    I will come to report.


  4. *heh* Moving Multisite is frustrating because it hard codes data into the DB in a manner that doesn't lend itself to the traditional fixes.

    We do have directions: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress#Moving_WordPress_Multisite

  5. csbarnard
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Mika,

    I just started from scratch, exporting and importing posts etc, moving plugins etc. What I didn't do is try and use the old database. At the moment the Multisite works, well at least I can add the sites and launch them.

    I have no idea why I was getting the errors and time outs before - I wish I knew.


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