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    Hi there,

    Since the last update, it seems that you cannot set or even select “inherit” in the typography control. We had discussed adding “inherit” in this thread and it was working, but with this new version it seems set on “initial” and you can’t select “inherit”.

    This is how I have my control set up

    	'type'        => 'typography',
    	'settings'    => 'totalpress_theme_body_font',
    	'label'       => esc_html__('Text','totalpress' ),
    	'tooltip'     => esc_html__('Change the font family of your theme.','totalpress'),
    	'section'     => 'totalpress_typography_section',
    	'priority'    => 1,
    	'transport'   => 'auto',
    	'default'     => array(
    		'font-family' => 'inherit',
    		'variant'        => 'regular',
    		'font-size'      => '17px',
    		'line-height'    => '1.5',
    		'letter-spacing' => '0',
    		'text-transform' => 'none'
    	'choices' => array(
    		'fonts' => array(
    			'standard' => array(
    				'-apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol"',
    			'google' => array(),
        'choices' => array(
            'variant' => array(
    	'output'      => array(
    			'element'  => 'body',
    			'function' => 'css',
    			'property' => 'font-family,font-size,font-weight,line-height,letter-spacing,text-transform',

    This has been working for a while now with the exception of what I wrote above.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello? Anyone home?

    Plugin Author Ari Stathopoulos


    Can you please check the develop branch from github? I believe this was just fixed

    So you’re not sure this issue has been fixed?

    Plugin Author Ari Stathopoulos


    So you’re not sure this issue has been fixed?

    It looks fine on my end. However, you were the one to report this bug. That means that you are able to consistently replicate the issue, and therefore I can’t think of anyone else that can confirm that this has been fixed, or let me know if there’s still an issue that needs more work.

    A developer testing locally and confirming that his work is ok is one thing… But the only way to be sure if an issue – any issue – has been fixed or not is if the person that had the issue confirms it has been fixed.

    …been following this thread as I have this issue too…

    The dev branch seems to work here. When will the current dev branch get rolled into the release version?

    thank you.

    Hi there, I was referring to your last post where you said the following:

    I believe this was just fixed

    which is not a “matter of fact” statement. You didn’t seem sure that it had been fixed.

    Also I do not use development branches with my work. I use the actual plugin that is available from WP, because that is the version the users of my theme are using, so with that being the case: no the issue isn’t fixed because I am still using version 3.0.27, which is the version I said I could not select “inherit” or when I do select inherit it comes back showing initial as being selected.

    So if it’s been fixed in the development branch, why not release the update and fix the issue properly instead of telling me to use the development branch of your plugin?

    Either way it working with 3.0.27

    Plugin Author Ari Stathopoulos


    @kelter thank you for confirming.
    @tsquez It’s always better if more than 1 person tests things.

    > When will the current dev branch get rolled into the release version?

    If not tonight then tomorrow morning. I’m running some more tests there to confirm another issue has been fixed

    Plugin Author Ari Stathopoulos


    Version 3.0.29 was just released and among other things fixes this issue as well.

    which is not a “matter of fact” statement. You didn’t seem sure that it had been fixed.

    I wasn’t. I never am. About anything. I don’t think any decent developer is ever 100% sure about code. That’s how we evolve, learn new things and improve our products. If developers were sure about code there would never be any updates because code would be perfect the first time around.
    That’s not how it works.

    You reported something, I tested it, I replicated on my own setup, I applied a patch that fixed the issue on my own environment, pushed it on github, and then kindly asked you if you could test that the applied patch also works for your setup. You are not your users. If you built a WordPress theme then shouldn’t you also test things?

    As for the rest of your reply, here’s my point of view:

    Kirki is an open-source project. I donate my time to you and everyone else that uses it. Theme developers who use the plugin occasionally post bug-reports, feature-requests, or even completely irrelevant questions. I do my best to fix all bugs in time, prioritize feature requests according to their demand – and most of them get implemented – and I even reply to the novice PHP questions that have nothing to do with the plugin and are just questions like “how can I do A or B in PHP”. And all of that for free.
    Now, if I donate more than 4 years of my life building this plugin, then hundreds more hours to implement any and all fixes, hundreds more hours adding support for feature requests – including ones you made, dozens of hours replying to tickets like this one and so on, I think you can spare 5 minutes of your time to check if the bug that you yourself reported also works on the theme that you build and support. If not that, then at least try not to reply using a tone like the one in your reply above. If you’re not willing to do that either, then you’re clearly dissatisfied with the services that you got for free, and I would suggest you use the vanilla WordPress APIs for the Customizer instead of using Kirki. The WordPress-Core APIs are excellent, well-written, well-documented, and using them will also improve your skills as a developer since you won’t have to depend on things like Kirki. It’s a win-win.

    I am always satisfied with your answers and the time you have invested in this plugin. I hold your work in very high regard and sing your praises all over the place.

    What I don’t hold in high regard is how you respond sometimes. Like I said, I do not use development branches of plugins as these are not fully tested and ready for real world production…so therefore, when I ask a question I expect the person who created the plugin I chose, to show a little more respect instead of replying with a nonchalant attitude….despite the years and hours of blood, sweat and tears you have invested…you chose to do that, no one made you.

    What you do with your plugin, I do with my theme, and yes I test it, every day…with hours and hours of testing. And you want to know something…yes I am my users, as a matter of fact I am the main user just like you are the main user of your plugin.

    And yes I know how the customizer works, I’ve built many themes with it and I have created all kinds of customizer options. You wanna know something, this time I chose not to…want to know why? Because I had a ton of people tell me about this plugin that takes care of all that for you. That i covers all kinds of controls and blah blah. I looked into it and liked it so I decided to use it.

    So let’s work on the attitude a little, it would be a “win-win” for everyone as well.

    Keep up the good work amigo, all in all you have a solid plugin thats built really well.

    Plugin Author Ari Stathopoulos


    @tsquez I know it’s been 2 months since this thread was created, but on a personal note I would like to apologise for the way I reacted here.
    I was (and in some ways still am) going through a rough patch, I was over-stressed, over-worked and at the threshold of a burnout.
    I reacted badly and I shouldn’t have.
    You have my sincere apologies.

    Amigo, you have nothing to apologize for. There is a crazy thing called life we all have to deal with and sometimes it gets the better of us.

    I acted like a spoiled brat as well so you were right in the way that you responded.

    Please don’t be sorry and don’t think you have lost a user cuz I am stickin’ with you until you are not supporting this puppy anymore.

    Keep up the great work and keep up this great plugin you have created. It’s a work of art.

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