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    already wrote about the issue but at the wrong place ( since there’s no answer yet. And, of course, I was wondering how come no one out of 700.000+ users have noticed it yet.

    So, just as the title reads, there’s no way to set up Elementor composed page as a static home page which doesn’t make any sense. It simply doesn’t show up on the list of available pages under Settings > Reading :: Your homepage displays.

    Hopefully someone might provide some sort of solution!

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  • I have the same problem. Have you figured out how to tackle this issue?

    It started to work on another WP install. Have no clue what might be causing the problem, sorry.

    So, did you install the WP install plug in?


    Might be I misunderstand your question, but I have 50+ sites with Elementor homepages, and they all show up just fine under Settings > Reading :: Your homepage.

    It is hard trying to help with so little info about where this is happening.
    Please follow these steps so we can evaluate the situation better?

    That’s why I initially thought that this is like normal with Elementor. And trust me, I wouldn’t post it as an issue here if I weren’t pulling my hair off for a couple of days to figure out why there’s no Elementor page found under Settings > Reading.

    Right now it’s all good with another WP install and the latest version of WP. I’m running my dev sites locally under MAMAP PRO 4.5, PHP 7.2.

    Not sure what happened but moha9538 user also shares the same problem. So I guess there must be a catch.

    Sorry for not being able to tell more!

    Hi. Thanks for the responses. Let me share screenshots to give you more insights into the problem I am facing.

    I created a page just the way I wanted to here. This is what it looks like. Photo

    Here is what happens after I change the page to be the static page. Photo

    Is this more clear?

    Ok, so for now you have this only in one site and that is not published but is still in local development.

    The issue is gone now you have a new install and latest wp version?
    Is that still on your same local server?
    Is the issue gone once you publish on a live server/hosting?

    The issue stays when I publish it also. It only displays part of the page I created, that is, only one section.

    I tried with a previous version of WP and the updated version. It remains the same on both.

    I tried updating Elemnetor and the theme and the issue remains.

    Thanks for all the help!


    Thanks for sharing the screenshots.
    I suspect this could be theme related, mybe this theme has its own build in homepage template that overrules Elementor?

    What theme are you using?
    Is everything ( plugins, theme etc ) up to date?

    Does it work as soon as you switch to another compatible theme like OceanWP?

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    I have all the plugins and WP updated. The original theme was Marjoram and then I tried My Music Band. It did not work in both.

    I just tried to switch the theme to OceanWP, and the problem remains 🙁

    Once again, thanks for the help!

    Hey. Thanks for all the help.

    I went ahead and deactivated numerous random plug ins I had installed that I was not using. Turns out, everything is working now. YAY! Thanks for trying to help me and I think it helped as I looked at it from a different perspective. Website

    Yep, that is why these steps ( ) are asked to perform before posting.
    Most cases these troubleshooting helps resolve ost cases.

    Glad it worked out for you!

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    Thank you!

    Same Problem on my site with MAMP and new Version of WP. No change to add Elementor page as homepage. Any ideas?



    I have found a number of posts with this problem for people that are using multisites. I stumbled accross a simple solution. Make a blank home page using the basic wordpress page feature. Then after it is live, edit it via the “edit with elementors” button on the wordpress edit page form.

    Work nicely. 🙂

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