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    A extrange problem is happening on my forms.
    When i create a new post form, and assign the “Default post category” value from the select box, after save the form, the selected value is lost.
    Editing the form don’t show the before selected category as “selected”, and the new submitted posts don’t have a category assigned… it remains uncategorized.
    Is like the value of $default_cat var is lost.

    I tryed using native post types from worpress and custom post types, and the behaviour is the same. All other setting are correct saved in the form.

    Is this a known problem? any hint to resolve it will be very appreciated.
    I’m using the last version of WPUF, with the pro addon.

    Thanks in advance..

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  • Rafsun Chowdhury


    Hi @bsottoli,

    Can you share an screenshot of your Forms settings and Form fields?? Are you using both default category and Category field together?



    Hi Rafsun, thanks for your response.

    We are using just Default Post Category in Settings tab, no category field is used in the form layout.

    Here are the screenshots, i tried to show the secuence of actions that result in this behaviour:

    1.- We have two configured forms (ignore the sample form):

    2.- I select last one (Post Form Obras de Arquitectura en Madera) and enter to form properties:

    3.- Go to Settings tab, you can note here we are using live composer custom post “dslc_projects”:

    4.- Now i select a Default Post Category “Concurso EPE OARQ”:

    5.- I Save the form, then the selected category goings gray:

    6.- Then i return to initial screen and select the recently modified form, entering to form properties, select the Settings Tab again, and no Default Category is showed as selected:

    Rafsun, we send a ticket for this case too, Number #101094, this info can be complementary to it.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi Rafsun,

    An update, we noted that this behaviuor is only present when we select custom taxonomies (dslc_projects_cat) related to custom post (dslc_project).
    We tested with native taxonomy and it’s work fine, but when we try with custom taxonomy the selected category get lost.


    Hello @bsottoli,

    The issue persists on our local side. Already forwarded to our development team. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the next update.


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