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Can't set categories

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  • I can confirm that there is an issue here. I can pull in new posts from feeds, but they aren’t getting assigned to the proper category. I checked there setting too – and they should all be getting assigned categories (for a custom post type).

    It looks like radgeek is already trying to address this. I pulled the latest version off of github and it is working again.

    Actually I spoke too soon. When I did a manual update it looks like it might have set the categories, but it’s not doing it on my cron updates.



    I have to disable the plug-in to make any changes to the categories and tags. I have disabled all other plugins but the problem persists: categories simply do not work when the FeedWordPress is activated.

    Has anyone found a fix for this?



    I have been struggling to fix this problem without success.

    Am I the only one with this problem?

    What happened to “mutual aid?”

    Can someone please put me out of my misery?


    Thank you.

    I do have the same problem. Filtering by categories does not work anymore. Seems to be a major bug.

    I’ve been trying to figure out why categories don’t work on my testing server for the longest time. Disabling this plugin lets them work, but since the site is mainly an RSS feed blog I’m not sure what to do. Strangely enough the actual live version of the site does not have this problem. Anyone have any clues or ideas?



    Right, I can confirm this is a bug related to FWP. I was having problems on a new site, so I was able to re-do the site and start from scratch. Sure enough, as soon as I activated the FWP plugin, my categories and tags showed missing Posts.

    Since the data is still all in the database, I suspect it is a filter problem related to FWP.



    @andyh13 can you please elaborate on “Strangely enough the actual live version of the site does not have this problem.” It sounds like it is working for you in one environment but not another. Is that correct? If so, have you found what the difference between your test and live environment is?

    Does anyone have this plug-in working as advertised?

    @amig Correct, the version of the site that is currently hosted by hostgator does not have the problem. I used a plugin called “wordpress duplicator” to move the site on to a local installation of XAMPP on a windows 7 machine and categories on that site no longer work. One other plugin, better WP-security broke in a fairly major way but that’s another story, I doubt it affected the FWP plugin.

    Now I also created a second local wordpress install to demo a new theme for the site, and installed everything fresh, including FWP. Categories and tags work fine on this site at the moment. I’m not very well versed in php/mysql, only enough to use other people’s code and tinker a bit, and I’m also new to wordpress as a backend, but I’ll try looking a little closer to see if I can find any discrepancies.



    @andyh13 Thanks…I’ll have to check if it could be a hosting-related anomaly. Given there are so many users of the plug-in, and that categorization is a core FWP feature, perhaps the relatively few people reporting an issue suggest the problem is environmental and not the plug-in. Who knows?

    BTW, WordPress Duplicator is a fantastic plug-in. I love it. Interestingly enough I had an issue with creating packages and it turned out to be a PHP version problem with my host 1and1. I’m wondering if something could be the similar with FWP.

    Ah, nothing quite the blind leading the blind, is there?



    @amig: Yes, blind leading the blind is how I feel sometimes on these issues 🙂

    I do not believe there are relatively few people with this problem. Instead, I think many people are unaware of the source of the problem.

    We manage dozens of *very* large WP sites for clients in English and Chinese. About 20 use FWP, and most have had issues in recent months where their tags/categories are missing. This has been a problem not only on ongoing sites where we upgraded FWP, but also on new/fresh sites that installed FWP. But you are correct that it has not happened on all systems. But we usually run the same Ubuntu OS with the same versions of MySQL/Apache/PHP regardless of the site, so those variables are the same.

    I did not stumble on FWP being the source of this problem until a few days ago even though we have been struggling with this issue for months. We have posted forum help requests on wpmudev.org and other sites asking for help on related matters not knowing it was a FWP issue. We also searched online for things like “category tag problem when import WordPress” and found lots of issues that seemed identical to ours but those users also did not state they used FWP — I now think at least some were using FWP but were unaware that it was a FWP issue.

    The good news is the moment FWP is deactivated, WP runs smoothly and fine. So, we are focused now on removing FWP form all client sites and replacing with one of the other plugins. I have been suggesting FWP to clients for a few years and will continue to do so when this issue seems fixed.



    @wpchina Thank you for saving me a few hours chasing my tail.

    I am in a similar situation supporting a number of client sites. The problem not only effects categories and tags but other plug-ins like faceted search. The less than perfect solution is to manually update categories and tags w/ FWP deactivated, and only reactivate it to refresh the feeds. Clearly, this becomes almost impossible once you have five or six sites on the go.

    Hi all.

    I found a solution – some kind of workaround.

    I played with all kind of settings and found out that WordPress and feedwordpress work as expected if switch of “Optimize IN clauses” in the Performance Settings of feedwordpress.

    Nevertheless this workaround works I appreciate a version with a bugfix.



    @yourtraces: you are correct!! 🙂

    Yes, I disabled that feature and now everything seems to work fine for FWP. I will do more testing.

    This “Optimize IN clauses” is a relatively new feature (maybe only about 6months?) so this is maybe why some configs are harmed and others are not by it.

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