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  • Since the last WordPress update, I’ve lost the option to select an author when writing a post.

    The plugin box is there and it says ‘Click on author to change them. Drag to change their order. Click on remove to remove.’ but the box where I usually select the author has completely disappeared – I can’t select, change, remove or change the order.

    Could you urgently advise me on what to do to fix this?

    Many thanks in advance.

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  • I have a client using this plug-in and their production site is on 4.9.9 (WP) and Co-Authors Plus 3.3.1. They’re also experiencing this exact issue.

    I’ve upgraded to 5.0.3 in staging, thinking it might be related to changes made to accommodate the block editor that broke < 5.0 installs, but the issue remains on 5.0.3 as well.

    I thought it might be the new CSS in 3.3.1, but that’s not it. The markup for the author selection isn’t even being written to the page.

    I’m going to submit this as an issue on github as well.

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    Are you using Give WP and any associated add-ons on your affected site? A conflict with one of the add-ons appears to be the culprit for me. Working now to narrow down which one.

    Forget that. The real culprit was a javascript file in the Edit Flow plugin.

    I updated [plugin_directory]/edit-flow/modules/editorial-comments/editorial-comments.js

    There were a handful of instances where “$” was being used instead of “jQuery”.

    No idea if that will help you, but I did a find ($) and replace (jQuery), deployed the changes to my client’s staging site, and that fixed the problem.

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    You’re totally right – just deactivated the Edit Flow plugin and the Co-Authors plugin works perfectly again. Thanks so much.

    It would be great to have an official plugin update for anyone who isn’t confident manually updating plugin directories.

    I just submitted a PR ( with the updated JS file. It’s my first contribution to any repo that isn’t mine, so hopefully I did it correctly, and the change gets in there.

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