• Hi,

    since I upgraded to WordPress 5 I can’t select the category that I want to use for the permalink anymore. In the editor when I hover over the category it no longer gives the option to do so.

    Hope you can fix it, because I love this plugin and my whole sitestructure is based on it.

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  • Same problem here – looks like there’s no support for this plugin anymore according to a post by Jordy but the code is available on Github if someone knows how to fix the issue

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    As a workaround you can install a plugin that let’s you go back to the old TinyMCE editor. Then you can set the permalink category. And once you save that you can go back to the Gutenberg editor.

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    BTW, plugin was updates 3 weeks ago. So it seems there is still support from the developer

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    Any update on this issue or information regarding a compatibility to the new Gutenberg editor?



    Any news ?


    our entire Site with over 18.000 Articles is based on this function. Now we need to change a lot of Categories, because of a new Content Strategy. We can´t go back to the classic editor. We did all with Gutenberg – too risky…

    So what is the status on this? Are there any Solutions? Or is this the way it is? Not working – close the door. Done…

    Thanks, if someone will answer.

    Folks asking about Gutenberg should see this post from the plugin author. Basically the author is not doing anymore work on the plugin, but will accept GitHub pull requests if anyone submits them (presumably that’s what happened with the most recent update someone mentions here; it was a very small update anyway if I recall).

    So either there’s going to need to be another plugin that does this for Gutenberg, or someone will have to make a new version of this plugin. But either way it’s not going to be the current author.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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