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cant seem to remove certain pages from ratings

  • Looking to remove the ratings from the home page as well as some other pages, but all other posts need ratings for the most part. I know there is an option for this, but it doesnt seem to be working. am i missing something?


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  • Plugin Author vovafeldman


    You need to disable “front-page” posts settings in your WordPress admin dashboard.

    how do i change that? I am looking to not have the ratings on 4 pages. all other posts should have ratings

    oh, i found it… but it doesnt seem to fix my issue. perhaps you have a suggestion to fix it. I am also using the plugin “List category posts” to grab posts as well as the ratings for those posts and post them to pages. You see, I am looking to get the posts rated, but not the page. Maybe a there’s a different way to go about this. http://FreeTryNow.com

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author vovafeldman


    Have you tried to disable the front-page posts?

    I did try disabling the front page posts, it didnt seem to help. i notice that if i remove the posts from pages everything gets removed. another thing i notice if i try to rate an post that is listed on a page (such as on page http://www.freetrynow.com/free-trials/ then it is really just rating the page and not the article..

    Soo, one way around this is to have page http://www.freetrynow.com/free-trials/ list ALL posts from the site rather than from just one category. I guess the question i must find the answer to, “is there another way to list posts by categorties on a page?? hmm, I think I have figured something out that might suffice in the meanwhile… Just not the way i want it long term…

    Plugin Author vovafeldman


    I’m sorry, but the “List category posts” make all the mass.
    I can’t help you here.

    You can try to add the ratings manually yourself using the embedded html+javascript from the website: http://rating-widget.com

    Sorry and good luck!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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