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  • Okay, I know that is not very descriptive, but I am experiencing major issues with my site. Okay, about 4 weeks ago my website was being attacked left and right. By way of the “who’s online plugin”, I was able to see which files they were accessing. To make a long story short, these hackers/bots would delete important include files, and files in my wp-contents that have to do with my theme. After having this occur a couple of times, I updated my security by getting the latest “wp-better security plugin”. Things were okay for a while, but even this was not enough and my site ended up being compromised, files deleted.

    But I always had a backup of my database for whenever I went through some problem like this. When I tried to upload my files view Filezila, everything is clearly uploaded successfully. But of course with problems like these, there is always something else that comes up. For some reason, my wp-admin part of the site was not found. No login page, the url read as followed,

    O great! How wonderful. So I go to my webhost log into Myp4padmin and there appears to be no database, nothing.. yet when I look through the FTP everything is there. I’m not sure if it has something to do with my Htaccess.file, as wp-better security does add a lot of new commands, im not sure. But I tried everything in my knowledge, including uploading a older version of my site, with a htaccess.file that has it’s original command… and at this point all I get is error establishing database connection (even though it has the proper info in the config.file)or some redirection to Cloud anti-virus… which when I press yes to continue sends me to my webhost provider main page… but it is lacking theme aspects O.o.

    At this point I decide to make a another domain, to screw the other one I had and go with the new one. But the same problem persist.. either the database is completely missing from myp4padmin despite being uploaded through FTP, an error which sends you to Cloudanti-virus asking you do what to continue to this infected site, which turns out to be my webhost provider… OR, in the case of this new domain, , all my content is gone, even though it is there through FTP. Not only is the content gone, but the theme looks a little messed up (see the two search bars and overlapping words).Mind you, I made a new username/pswd for this newer site.

    Okay so that’s my junk of problems… my original site, is currently down. I deleted everything off of the database in an attempt to restore the site via SQL file, however the upload lags out, so I guess it’s too big… dunno. The other is this one: – which should redirect you to cloud anti-virus. I would prefer to have my original site back, as that is the site which everyone has access to for my art projects.

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. And sorry for any grammar issues.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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