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  • I’m working on a client’s website where their business hours change twice each year: spring and autumn. I want to have only the current season’s hours appear on the site. Into two adjacent Elementor text widgets, I’ve placed the opening hours for each season and indicated, through your plugin, a span of dates to show each widget. When looking at the front end of the website, both widgets currently display, even though one of them is not set to show at this date. Using reverse logic (i.e. hide when date conditions are met) gives the same results.

    I’m thinking that perhaps your plugin doesn’t know what date it currently is!

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  • Plugin Author crazypsycho


    Hello @ibowden

    you should activate debug-mode. Than you have a debug-box on the website and can see if dynamic conditions get the current time.

    Thread Starter ibowden


    I have never used debug mode before but have done some quick research on it and see that it might be helpful in this situation. But your recommendation is incomplete! Once debug mode is activated, how would I use it to determine if Dynamic Conditions is getting the current time? What would I do if it wasn’t?

    You have partially stated a method and then not indicated how to acquire a diagnosis, nor what steps to take if that diagnosis is negative or positive!

    Plugin Author crazypsycho


    Hello @ibowden

    Yes, that’s right, was explained a little inaccurately. I’m sorry.
    Ideally, there should be a Unix timestamp (a number such as 1617302953) after DynamicTag-Value in the debug box.

    You can insert this here, for example, and see whether it corresponds to the desired date:

    If DynamicTag-Value is empty or contains the wrong date, you should see what is in the debug box after DynamicTag-Tag.
    If there is nothing there, you probably forgot to select a DynamicTag for the condition in the widget.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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