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  • The theme I’m using, the early version I downloaded, had an error where the page title and description were hard coded into the header.php. Ive taken that out and copied the meta from the updated files, and all of my pages besides the home page are now fine. In other words for instance, if i attempt to share any other page on Facebook, it will show the proper description/title/thumbnail.

    But with the home page, im still getting “just another wordpress blog”, and “a brief description of your website or this business.” I have gone over the header.php and the other template files a million times. I even tried installing All-In-One SEO. I emptied my cache. I made sure the tagline was proper in settings. Tried a different browser. Restarted the computer. Ughh 🙂 The only thing i noticed is that google has it indexed with that description…is facebook just reading from google for that page? or is it still in the code someplace im missing? Any help would be appreciated. The site is

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  • FYI, if anybodys reading this…. if you share, the title/description come up fine…so this still makes no sense 🙁

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