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  • Bhooshan


    I am using XAMPP for Apache/MySQL/PHPMyAdmin on my local machine to install and run WordPress. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but it still works for me.

    My installation seems to have gone fine. I have added the user and the database and everything else. Just that when I type in http://localhost/blog/wp-admin it takes me to my default blog admin login page on the internet instead of the localmachine. Can anyone give me a solution to this?

    Being unskilled, please let me know if you require any further information. Secondly, if a similar problem has already been answered please post the URL to that thread. Thanks.

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  • Les Bessant


    keeper of the Tiggers


    What’s in your config.php? Is it pointing at your local database, or the one on the internet?

    And is the local one a new database, or a copy of the internet one? If it’s a copy, it would have values in it that point to your internet site.

    See Podz’s guide:



    Hi Les. You solved my problem. :-*

    I also updated my local machine with all the files from the original blog and now it seems like I am browsing the blog through broadband 😀

    However when I click on the permalink (the topic title of the post) I get this error.

    Object not found!

    The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

    If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

    I checked with the XAMPP installation page and it had some intructions on resolving permalink issues. BUt it still doesn’t seem to work. Can you suggest something on this?

    Moderator James Huff


    Try the whole installation again, but use these instructions as a guide:



    Hi Macmanx.
    I did exactly what you told me. However I am still getting some nagging errors like the permalink not working.

    These are some of my observations –
    » wordpress database in collation – works only on the home page. WordPress database in utf8_unicode_ci – works fine but no permalink. I might be doing something wrong while exporting/importing the original database, which I want to integrate into my local copy of WordPress. Some more steps which I took.

    › Export from original database in SQL format
    › Import into local machine via phpMyAdmin
    › change the URL under wp_options » site
    › change the URL under wp_options » home
    › Copy all the original files into the WP copy on the local machine
    › activate the plugins via the dashboard. They are in conjunction with the original copy.

    This is all that I do and still the home page & the ‘previous/next page’ links seem to be working fine. I don’t get the rest of the links (archive, comments, categories) to work even though the database has the content (it gives me the same error that I posted in my earlier post).

    Error 404
    09/12/05 17:59:35
    Apache/2.0.54 (Win32) mod_autoindex_color mod_ssl/2.0.54 OpenSSL/0.9.8 PHP/5.0.4

    I am sure I am doing something wrong and I need someone to tell me that 🙁



    Still no replies? 🙁

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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