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    Hi, I am new at this with limited WordPress experience. I put up my website a couple years ago and did some customizing. I am switching to this lovely theme, but need to make some changes.

    When I click on “Appearance” then “THeme options” I see nothing. Just a blank page with the admin menu at left and a box icon where the options should be. When I click on the “editor” and select a template from the right menu, like “Page Template” the screen goes white. Nothing. Even the admin menu disappears.

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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  • EDIT – forget the plugins if you are not using current WP.

    Are you using the current version of WP and the theme? Looks like perhaps not – that’s a security risk.

    Aha! I had Theme Test Drive activated. Now I can see the Templates, but still not theme options.

    Unfortunately, I can’t change the WP version myself. It’s the version that my webhost has and it’s applied, as far as I understand, by them.

    Does the Theme Options allow me to make simple changes, like upload a new header image and do some tweaks? I only ask as I cannot see it.

    THanks and super thanks for your blistering fast reply!

    Who is your webhost? They really, really should not be running an outdated version of WP – it’s their servers that are going to get hacked! Especially in light of recent massive brute force attacks on WP servers…

    Yes, theme options can include things like that – though it varies per theme.

    I am afraid to say now! Maybe the best thing for me to do is contact them again and see what’s up. I’d like to be running the updated version obviously.

    Thanks so much. Appreciate your help.

    I’d agree with that – and who knows, maybe you CAN update yourself or twist their arms to do it.

    You’re welcome too :).

    Super. Not to belabor this, but it is a huge help to have people like you out there to assist us newbies, and in record time too. All the best to you.

    Ach, hate to reopen this question, but as it turns out I am running the most recent version of WP (my misunderstanding) and still can’t see the Theme Options. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong here? thanks.



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    I’ve just installed & activated this theme on one of my dev sites and I was able to access the theme options immediately. You are looking in the Appearance sub-menu, yes?

    No problem – try deactivating your plugins and switching to the default theme.

    esmi, Yes, correct, Appearance sub-menu.

    WPyogi, plugins deactivated. I don’t know what you mean by switching to the default theme. Sorry. Iooked around but did not find that option. I am running Pilot Fish out of the box as far as I know.

    Like I said, I had made some modifications to the prior theme (Weaver), and wouldn’t mind stripping them all out if they are not already, but I think some must be there still. For instance, there is no header image on my site.

    And, as it turns out, I was NOT running the most updated version. The update window said I was, but the dashboard reports 3.1.3. The host is updating the version now, so that may resolve the issue. I can’t believe they are not aware of the potential problem, but they may only update on request as an update could screw up someone’s site if their theme wasn’t compatible. Only explanation I can think of.

    Thanks again to you both.



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    The update window said I was, but the dashboard reports 3.1.3.

    Aha! That may well have been your issue. I do hope that your hosts know what they are doing. An upgrade from 3.1.3 to 3.5.1 really needs to follow the steps outlined in Upgrading_WordPress_Extended rather than trying to do it in a single step.

    I hope so too! Either way this is certainly a learning experience!

    OK, I was able to upgrade to 3.5.1 manually to the server, and Pilot Fish appears to be working as designed. I have some formatting issues but I’ll search about the forums for answers. BTW I was able to go straight from 3.1.3 to 3.5.1 without an interim upgrade. Thanks all.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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