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  • Its the strangest thing, a friend of mine asked me to log into his wordpress site and make some changes. When I log in, I can not see the content to edit. It does not show up in visual or HTML mode. They are using the “Thesis” theme, not sure what to do, I have never seen this before. Please any help would be really great.

    They are using the Revisions Plugin, which may have something to do with it?

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  • Are you using his profile or do you use a lower-graded user role?
    In other words, do you have his admin rights?

    There are 2 users. If you look at the list of users list they both have “Administrator” in the “Role” column, so I figured this account does have full admin privileges?

    Simple things you could try.
    Try another browser and/or empty the cache of your current browser.
    Ask your friend if (s)he actually sees content.
    Ask your friend if (s)he is just trying to dump this problem on you.
    Try logging in using other admin.

    that’s it, out of ideas

    Im thinking it might have something to do with this “Revisions” Plugin but im not sure yet. I did just transfer his wordpress site and database to a new server but everything is working perfectly. Except this weird thing I have never come across before.

    Simple then, disable plugin, test

    when I highlight the editor I can see my code, but even in visual, I still see html, its like the font is wite in the editor….very interesting.

    Are there special color settings in the revisions plugin?

    Nope, I thought that as well and had a look and all the plug in does is save previous posts and pages. I wonder if the previous web developer they fired is playing a trick on us via css…..

    I also noticed there are no editing tools. No kitchen sink etc…

    if there’s a css color setting ‘above’ body, he did 🙂

    but isnt there a different css file that styles the admin section wordpress. where can I find that to double check. Also, is there anywhere else in the css file that he could of put a color setting? or changed the color to #ffffff?

    Try your developer tool in your browser or add-on in Firefox.
    That should show you the css of the textarea.

    Well some has changed the text to white, I just used firebug and inspected the text area you use for editing, and is says color: white; Do you think a plug in could of done this or do you think it was changed manually?

    Look for the css file containing that white rule. Firebug shows the css files.

    Its a class name of

    .js .tmce-active .wp-editor-area {

    color: white;


    where could I find this? Is this a normal for a standard admin area css or is this code from a plug in?

    don’t know, find the file, comment it out

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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