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    I added a new testimonial and published it. I can see it when logged in as wp-admin, but when I look at my website “live,” I don’t see the new testimonial (nor do I see it rotating within the widget I’ve included on some pages). Status: Published, Visibility: Public

    How can I get it so that everyone who comes to my website can see the new testimonial?


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  • Are you using any caching plugin or CDN?

    In admin, under Testimonials > Settings, what is “Number of testimonials to show per page” set to?

    What is the entire shortcode you’re using?

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    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I am not using a caching plugin, nor a CDN.

    “Number of testimonials to show per page” is blank

    short code reads as follows:
    [full-testimonials category=”Our Work”]

    And just to make sure, the new testimonial is in the “Our Work” category?

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    Yes, correct.

    Is this your page?

    If so, I found this under the hood:

    <!-- Cached page generated by WP-Super-Cache on 2013-08-24 11:59:02 -->

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    Sorry, the link you provided took me back to our conversation here. Can you provide the correct link?

    I do have WP Super Cache plugin installed, but not activated.

    Thank you!

    If that’s the page you’re talking about then it is definitely cached.

    I quickly read the WP Super Cache plugin page and it seems deactivating does not fully disengage caching.

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    Chris, that’s the page I’m talking about. I deleted the WP Super Cache plugin, and that solved the problem; I can now see all testimonials, including the new one I added today.
    Problem solved! Thank you!

    Now, if you feel compelled, can you explain to a naive WP user why having the WP Super Cache installed would prevent me from seeing such a revision/addition to my website? Don’t know if that requires a simple explanation of what caching is, including its benefits and drawbacks.

    Sincerely, thanks again for your help and support!

    You’re very welcome. I’m glad we figured it out.

    If your website was a chapter in a book on a shelf in a library miles from your house, caching would be the photocopies of those pages in your desk drawer. The process of getting the book takes longer, has a lot of steps, and has more moving parts. Getting the photocopies is quicker and simpler with less effort. (That analogy fails when it comes to quality; photocopies are never as good as the original whereas cached copies are identical.)

    A normal page revision or addition would have triggered the mechanism that updates the cache with the new version of the page. The only content on the testimonials page is the shortcode and since the shortcode didn’t change, the mechanism wasn’t triggered. I have not used WP Super Cache to know for sure but that’s my guess.

    The main goal of caching is to make your site load faster and if it does that then it’s a smart choice. In my experience, sometimes it makes little difference and it’s not worth the extra maintenance and unforeseen problems like the one you experienced today.

    But your site was much faster with caching so I would recommend using it if
    (1) you can configure it to exclude your testimonials page from the cache;
    (2) figure out how to manually flush the cache (i.e. through the plugin admin or by deleting the cache) to force it to make fresh copies whenever you add a testimonial.

    I hope that helps. WP Super Cache seems very robust and may have those abilities. In fact, you might try asking how to do that on their support forum.

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    Great explanation! Got it! I understand. I will look into whether one of the two options you suggest is possible with WP Super Cache.

    Thanks again for all your help and support!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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