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  • Hi there! I’ve used WP for a couple of months now, and I’ve encountered a unusual problem…Indeed, I’ve written a post some time ago and it never appeared on my blog. Since it’s the first post in July 2005, I can see in the “Archives” that there is a post in there, but when I click on it, I get a “sorry, no posts mached your criteria” error. The only way I could see this post on the website was by searching using keywords distinct to it. I’ve changed my theme back to the original WP Theme thinking it might be the problem, and I’ve disabled all the plugins…which didn’t help. I’m not very good a programming PHP either so I didn’t dare changing anything to the existing code…any help would be much appreciated!!

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  • Can you see it in the Manage Posts screen? What’s the post ID? How many posts do you have your reading options set to show?

    Yes, I can see it in my “Manage Post” screen..but say I want to click on “view post”, it’ll bring me to the same error page…
    The post’s ID is #10 but was #8 initially…I thought deleting it and rewriting it might correct the problem, but it didn’t. The reading option is set to show the latest 10 posts, and this one is the lastest I’ve written so I guess no matter what value it is set at, I’m supposed see it on the front page…

    Yes, true moshu, the validator says there’s something that it cannot interpret on line 89, but since it can’t interpret it, it doesn’t show the line…Here’s what I get:
    # it’s right after the post I can’t see nowhere on my blog, then:

    86:   <div class=”meta”></div>
    87: </div>
    89: #### encoding problem on this line, not shown ####
    91: <!–
    92: –>
    93: </div>
    96: <div class=”navigation”>
    97: <div class=”alignleft”></div>
    98: <div class=”alignright”></div>
    99: </div>
    102: </div>
    104: <div id=”sidebar”>


    Anyone sees something interesting in those lines?
    Thanks 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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