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  • Hi,
    After adding few pages to my WordPress site/blog, I don’t think my theme allow me to see them on my site..
    What do I need to do to see my Pages on my site?

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  • Depends on so many things. If you post a link to your site, it would help. We would also need to know what theme you are using and what configurations you have made.

    By default, WordPress will add new pages to the site’s main navigation menu, in alphabetical order. The pages are then accessed from there. This system is not usually what you want, but it’s easy to change if you want to. We need to be able to see if your theme is doing something else and we need to know if you have made any configuration changes that alter the default behaviour.



    Thanks for replying…

    I have not made any configurations changes onto my wordpress template theme.
    All I did was to upload one from my computer (found it online based on my website niche) and upload it onto WordPress. However, the pages I have uploaded, can’t be seen on my website…

    The theme I am talking about is call: Doggies 1.0 by Wp theme. I don’t know if that is enough information for you but if there is anything you need to help me out with my problem, please let me know.


    Unfortunately the theme is not one that’s available by searching for a theme from your Dashboard. Looking at your site, though, there’s clearly a problem with it if you’ve made no alterations.

    You first bet, therefore, I would say, is to go back to one of the default themes (twentyeleven or twentyten). You do this simply by activating it from the plugins list on the Dashboard. When you’ve done that, you should see all your pages. This will show that there’s nothing wrong with your WP installation.

    Once we’ve cleared that hurdle, your next step will be to decide whether you want to try to persevere with the Doggies theme, or whether you would prefer to find another. Either way, you should make a list of what you need from a theme before you start searching (if, indeed, you do need to do a search). Remember that themes are all about the look and feel of your site: not about the functionality of your site except in a fairly trivial way such as how many sidebars, menus and so on are supported and under what conditions.

    I tried to install the theme on my local test machine, BTW, but could not because the package did not appear to be valid. So I guess there’s a problem with the theme.



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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