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  • Hello everyone. My website is

    I cannot get my whole post to show. Hopefully you can advise me as to how to fix that. Also, is there a way to narrow the margins on my posts so they don’t run so close to that RSS box? Thanks in advance!

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  • OK go to dashboard. then go to options. then reading. then scroll down and it will tell you:

    Syndication Feeds

    there you should be able to fix this

    Thanks Teenfg1,

    It does show “full text” not summary (10 posts per page). Any other ideas?

    OK hold on I’ll try to figure it out

    who’s your hoster?

    do you have the UTF-8 code


    Basically you need to contact your hoster becuase this looks like a error with them.

    Changed back to the default theme and everything shows. Kinda seems like the themes that wordpress offers are very “buggy”. True?

    They are not buggy… And everything posted by teenfg1 is completely irrelevant (and wrong) regarding your issue.

    Some themes use the_content in their index.php file (like the default) which shows the whole content, other themes use the_excerpt tag, which displays… well, the excerpt.

    More: the excerpt
    the content

    Edit your index.php file and replace the_excerpt with the_content.

    Thanks Moshu,

    Maybe I’m just colosally stupid. Im in my index php file and it reads as content…not excerpt.

    And I can see the whole post.
    What did you mean by “can’t see entire blog post”? (for me that means: seeing it only partially – hence my advice)

    I added the test post after I had originally posted a few hours ago…sorry about that. My “Need Some Advice” post is partially hidden. If I deleted the “Test” post, you still would not be able to read all my “Need some Advice” post.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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