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  • I’ve been told I’m having a problem with the way my site renders in IE (of course!). I don’t have easy access to a PC right now so fixing it is a bit of a problem.

    Can someone take a look at the site and give me a description of the problem? I’m assuming something with the float box issue, but I need more details.


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  • strange, Have you tried Centering all of your data? It works fine for me in Mozilla, Just tell your clients that it views better with Mozilla Firefox, Tell them to use a newer or better more advanced web browser, It looks fine in mozilla as i said, Its just the centering needs to be moved over a little.

    Some tasty lookin’ food on there by the way!

    It’s fairly typical margin/padding issues. The border-left(?) line (#content and #sidebar) appears indented.

    Haha, i’ve definitely communicated my preference for Mozilla browsers. However, some stubborn souls continue to want to use IE.

    I’ve tried changing the margins and padding and it doesn’t seem to work. It’s a bit of a handicap not being able to check my work on IE. Note, it’s also not dropping the right sidebar box, it’s just disappearing altogether.

    In IE6 the sidebar wasn’t dropping, when I checked…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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