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  • Hi, newbie to WordPress here. I imported my old blogs from Blogger but now I want to archive them. I made an archive index page but can’t find instructions on getting the archives to be listed there. How do you make archives and then list them? Thanks.

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  • Create a template page for the archives and when writing a page in the wp admin, select the template you want for the page (in the sidebar).

    Thanks, I’ll check that out.

    I don’t see anyplace in the sidebar or anywhere on the screen to choose which template to use. There’s a Write Page tab at the top, but it’s just for adding a new page, not choosing a template.

    I also tried Options–>Reading and set it to 30 days for posts, but it still shows all posts.

    I just noticed something:

    If I look at a specific post, there’s a calendar and archive list on the left. But if I just view the main blog address, the calendar and archive list are gone. Even so, it should never display more than the last 30 days of posts.

    Help please?

    I’m a little confused so here are a couple of questions.

    1. What theme are you using?
    2. Are requiring the archive list only in the sidebar of every page or a whole page dedicated to the archives?

    I’m using the TemplateXtreme Sample 1.0 theme (my blog is at ).

    I’d like the archive list to appear on the sidebar of every page. It does on individual post pages but I want it also on the “main” page. I tried adding a page for listing the archives just because I have no clue how to get an archive list, not because I want them on a separate page.

    Even so, it should only be listing 30 days of posts per page and not all posts of all time, so maybe that’s a separate problem.

    Ok, now I understand (i really need to ask these questions in the begining). This means altering the sidebar.php. Here’s a start from the codex:

    Thanks! The archive list now is doing what I wanted.

    But I’m still getting the whole database of posts listed on the main page. I go into Admin and tell it to only show 7 posts per page but it ignores it. I found that says it should do that, but it isn’t working.

    Well, the only way I could get it to stop displaying the whole database on the main page was to go into the theme’s index.php and hard-wire the number of posts per page. I went to line 38 where it has query_posts('posts_per_page=-1');
    and changed it to

    It seems to (almost) work now. I just deleted the whole content between the parenthases above. But it’s still showing 7 posts per page even after I changed it to 5 in the admin area.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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