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  • Hi there. I am having problems accessing everything on my dashboard. I can’t edit or add posts, check for updates, moderate comments or anything. If I click on any of the options on the left sidebar, a completely blank page loads. HELP!!!

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  • What is your URL?

    Is this a new installation?

    What version of WP are you using and did you just install a new theme or plugin?

    No, I just recently upgraded to the new version of wordpress and several plugins. But ever since, whenever I click on anything it loads a blank screen, so I can’t even disable my plugins, etc. 🙁




    It seems a problem caused by your theme.
    Anyway, can you go to your cPanel or access your files and directories through FTP? If so, rename all your plugins, theme and revert to the Twenty Eleven theme. After that login and see if everything works.

    I posted something on the elegant theme support forum, but have not gotten any responses. 🙁

    I can access my cPanel, but don’t know what to do once I get there. I just created an ftp account yesterday but there are no current sessions. I’m so not tech-savvy (as I’m sure you noticed), so I appreciate your patience and help.

    Can you tell me what to do exactly in my cPanel?




    Do you see the plugins and themes there? If so you will find and option to rename there (on the top tabs). Click on the plugins and themes (other than TwentyEleven) and just add -old to the existing names. This way the plugins and all installed themes will become inactive and your site will automatically revert to the default theme.

    No, I don’t see anything that allows me to edit plugins or themes…




    Strange! Neither using an FTP program, nor in your host’s cPanel? You are not required to edit plugins or themes, you just have to rename them.

    Is there a certain folder or option I should look in? I even tried searching for plugins/themes but nothing pulls up. :*(

    I am getting so frustrated! I’m ready to switch back to blogger. I really don’t know what to do…

    You have a nice website. It looks very well done up.

    Did you upgrade to WP 3.4?

    Go to folder and rename the subdirectories there with a -old. For example, if you see a subdirectory blaskan or business-lite rename them to blaskan-old and business-lite-old. Just don’t rename the rename the twentyten and tewntyeleven subdirectories.

    Then goto the directory and let us know what you see there. There will be several sub-directories which are the folders for the plugins you had installed. Do the same here and rename them to -old for the plugins you had just installed or upgraded. For example if you had a contact-form-7 sub-directory rename it to contact-form-7-old. Then let us know what happens.

    Thank you. I did upgrade to the 3.4

    When I click both of those links, it does nothing but load another blank page. 🙁

    Ok, i contacted bluehost again and he walked me through renaming the plugins and theme I was using. But, it’s still not working…any other suggestions??

    Ok, I got it!!! Yay! I went in and just started deleting a bunch of my plugins. I think it fixed after I deleted the askimet one. Thank goodness! I appreciate all of your help in trying to fix this. 🙂




    Congratulations! You are a big winner now!
    If the problem is resolved, please mark it as resolved.

    I upgraded to wordpress 3.4.1.
    All went smoothly.
    I just activated askimet and hello dolly.

    When I go to the dashboard to edit, the edit space and text is not seen. So I cannot edit any post or write new post.

    I will try deactivating askimet plugin and then reactivate. Will that work for me?
    My url is

    Deactivating plugins doesn’t work.
    What do I do?
    Kindly guide me.
    Dr. Ashok Koparday

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